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AVPA Names Teas of the World Winners

AVPA Announces Teas of the World Contest Winners | India Lifts Tea Blending Ban | Low Green Leaf Prices Distress Assam Smallholders | PLUS Nishchal Banskota, founder of the Nepal Tea Collective, shares his vision of a public benefit corporation that shifts the focus to creating value for every stakeholder in tea – not just shareholders.

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Kenya to Invest in National Tea Brand

Kenyan President William Ruto announced a new public-private tea processing and packaging facility in Dongo Kundu, Mombasa | Euromonitor Report Advises Retailers to Target Customers by Type | Lipton to Launch a Hard Tea Brand in 2023 | PLUS Peris Mudida, CEO of the newly re-established Kenya Tea Board in Nairobi, shares her vision and describes the tea board’s mandate to regulate, sustainably develop, and promote the tea sub-sector.

ITC Chairman Ian Gibbs
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Per Capita Tea Consumption Rises to 800 Grams

Tea Consumption Rising Globally | In London, the International Tea Committee revises the per capita benchmark globally to an average of 800 grams, noting a 113% increase in tea consumption during the past 20 years | Parcel Carriers Hike Rates as Delivery Demand Declines | Tea Drinkers Experience Lower Risk of Diabetes | PLUS Meet Padmanabhan Subramaniam, a remarkable tea farmer from the Nilgiris whose Facebook series “Knowledge Sharing is Caring” showcases farmers’ successes and achievements.

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FAO Report: Sustainable Ag Stalled

FAO Report: Progress Toward Sustainable Agriculture has Stalled in Many Regions | Tea Relief for Pakistan | MK Shah Exports vs Outsider in Bidding Contest for McLeod Russel India | PLUS Jami Lewchik, head of TAZO sustainability initiatives in the US, discusses TAZO’s long-term ambition to transform its products and the brand’s entire business operations into a regenerative approach.