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In-bound marketing is used by 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers and no wonder. Customers and clients and potential customers respond more favorably to content than they do to advertisements and overt selling, according to an article by Veronica Maria Jarski for Marketing Professionals. Research shows that 82% of customers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content and 70% feel closer to the company, thanks to content marketing.

What’s the big draw?

Demand Metric found that content marketing generates approximately three times as many leads as traditional marketing per dollar spent, increases direct sales and costs 62% less than traditional marketing. In addition, it keeps the reader’s attention and improves brand loyalty.

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License Tea Biz articles for your online or print publications:

News Briefs &
Feature Articles
A la carte rate:
USD $0.50/word
Quantity rate*:
USD $0.45/word
< 350 words + art$125$125
350 words + art$175$150
500 words + art$250$225
750 words + art$375$335
1,000 words + art$500$450
*Quantity discount is based on a minimum order of three briefs.

Clients receive a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide license to the content of their choice. This content will increase page views and shares in newsletters, on websites or in printed materials including those used for sales and marketing. It can also be shared on social media for example, but cannot sold. (Copyright remains with Mystic Media which issues a standard permissions agreement linked below.)

See: Tea Biz Content License Agreement.

Assignments for exclusive, custom marketing content are welcome. Pricing depends on length and article scope. The minimum charge is $250 (500 words.)

Mystic Media Services

Mystic Media, founded in 2002, is a custom publishing venture based in Winnipeg, Canada. Founder Dan Bolton led six publishing companies before establishing his business. During a 50-year career, he successfully launched newspapers, several magazines, managed special projects, produced industry directories as large as 1,200 pages, created buyer’s guides, tradeshow dailies and online publications serving both trade and consumer audiences.

Here, in brief, are available services:


Dan works with dozens of writers in 12 countries. Together they routinely produce news reports, news analysis, news briefs, feature articles, newsletter articles, blog posts, new product announcements, book reviews, business reports on earnings, mergers & acquisitions, and in-depth coverage of trends. Content is purchased by publicly held and private publishing companies, associations, governments, and tradeshows. Collectively the group writes between 250 and 350 articles per year. Capabilities include video storytelling, high quality photography and multimedia suited to streaming. Satisfied clients include: World Tea News, STiR coffee and tea magazine, the China Tea Marketing Association, the European Speciality Tea Association, Amigos do Cha (Brazil) and many, many one-offs.


Mystic Media has successfully managed multi-year contracts to produce print and online publications, annual directories, newsletters (weekly and monthly) and white papers as well as membership directories, catalogs, and special issues. Satisfied clients include Tea Magazine (editor/publisher), World Tea News (editor/publisher) and STiR coffee and tea magazine (managing editor 2013-2019).


Dan has presented at several international forums, including the Pu’er Specialty Coffee seminar and exposition (2019) in Yunnan and the Xiamen Tea Fair International Trade Forum (2017). In Europe, Dan presented in Hamburg, Germany at COTECA (2016); in the Middle East at DMCC Tea Forum for the past three forums and in India at the India International Tea Forum in Goa and the Tea Research Center at Tocklai, Jorhat in Assam (2011). In the U.S., he is a frequent speaker at World Tea Expo, the North American Tea Conference, the Chicago Tea Festival (2019) and similar events in Canada such as the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show (Toronto and Vancouver). Dan has also written speeches for tea executives and authored guest columns for trade publications under their byline. Contact him at [email protected] for rates.


Tea Journey launched via Kickstarter as a crowd-sourced print and online magazine in 2016. Donations totaled more than $125,000. The publication serves a global audience of tea enthusiasts and professionals. Posts every 10 days reveal new teas, inform readers of the origin and processing of specialty tea; document research on tea’s health benefits, take you to tea museums and landmarks, and describe the taste and how to purchase, prepare, and store fine tea. The magazine regularly profiles the many interesting people that make up the global tea industry. Marketers are encouraged to “try before they buy” ads running in LiveMarket (www.teajourney.pub/advertise). There is no charge.

Marketers may also purchase display ads that appear in the browser and mobile editions and sponsor articles and issues and the Tea Biz Podcast. Readers are encouraged to subscribe online and via smartphone. MailChimp newsletters circulate to 16,000 with 13,100 LinkedIn followers and 5,000 on Facebook. Readers have logged in from 104 countries. Top markets in descending order: US-INDIA-CAN-UK-AZN.


Gerson Lehrman Group GLG Council Member, NYC, since 2010.

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