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Sri Lanka Tea Board Chairman Jayampathy Molligoda

Why Sri Lanka is Seeking a Geographical Indication Mark for Ceylon Tea

By Dananjaya Silva | PMD Tea

The Sri Lankan Tea Board is pursuing GI Geographical Indication status for Ceylon Tea, a distinct terroir marketed for 150 years. GI indication is a seal of authenticity used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or reputations that are due to that origin. Sri Lanka Tea Board Chairman Jayampathy Molligoda discusses why the tea board is pursuing GI status and what this means for prices for producers and for the nation’s tea.

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Sri Lanka Tea Board Chairman Jayampathy Molligoda

Tea at the Top of the World

By Roopak Goswami

The Guinness Book of World Records has certified a May 2021 tea break on Mt. Everest as the highest tea party in history. Climber Andrew Hughes, who organized the high-altitude tea break, writes that “tea already was interwoven into life on an Everest expedition. From the tea houses and lodges where we stayed along the trek to the countless hours spent with one another with a warm cup of tea in hand awaiting weather windows to climb onwards – tea is something that we shared so regularly that it is impossible to detach it from the overall Everest experience.” Read more…

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Seven-Minute Tea News Recap


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