• Episode 39 | Food Inflation and Tea

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Interfacial surface film that forms on black tea.
Interfacial surface film that forms on black tea.

The Physics of Black Tea Film

By Dan Bolton
Have you ever noticed a colorful sheen on the surface of your tea? It appears brittle, breaking like ice floes in the arctic as the tea cools. Researchers once thought it formed from waxy substances in leaves released during steeping. That is not the case. The delicate film is an interfacial interaction of air, tea polyphenols, and calcium carbonate ions in water. It does not form on white, yellow, green, or lightly processed oolong teas, only black tea. In many parts of the world soft water prevents the film from forming. Is tea film a fleeting glimmer of color to enjoy or an unsightly scum that dissipates with a squeeze of lemon? Or does it? Caroline Giacomin, a student at ETH Zürich, in Switzerland joins us to explain the physics of tea film from a study she and colleague Peter Fischer recently published in the Physics of Fluids. Read more…

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Caroline Giacomin on the physics of black tea film

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Markets today are volatile and confusing – more so due to the pandemic and changing consumer behavior. The best way to respond locally is to keep the big picture in mind. Knowing the underlying trends behind the daily headlines helps tea professionals better interpret the news of the day. This overview is one in a series of 15-minute talks on the business of tea. – Dan Bolton

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Dia Internacional del Te Detras de los Titulares


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