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Pierre Laubies and Nathalie Roos
Board chair Pierre Laubies and Ekaterra CEO Nathalie Roos

Ekaterra Names New Management Team

Ekaterra tea, now the largest tea company in the world following the closing of its sale to CVC Partners, named Nathalie Roos CEO, replacing John Davison. Coffee executive Pierre Laubies is the new chair of the board.

Roos is currently a non-executive director of Pret-a-Manger and French cheese marketers Bel Group. She was previously head of L’Oreal’s Professional Products, a division that employed 12,000 and generated €3.4 billion in sales.

“Tea holds an extraordinary role in societies around the world, steeped in tradition, culture, and community spirit,” said Roos. “It also has an incredible power to evolve and always be relevant to the times. Ekaterra’s future will embody these elements too, alongside ambitious plans to become a leader in sustainable tea production, in farming and distribution methods, and also as a supporter of the communities in which we operate,” she said.

Laubies is a 30-year veteran of the coffee industry with Jacobs Douwe Egberts, previously holding executive positions at Coty, Mars, and Campbell Soup Company.

Laubies said, “Nathalie has precisely the right blend of skills for the role, with her strong commercial background, ability to develop great teams, and passion for building consumer brands and delivering growth. Working alongside Nathalie, we have the opportunity to grow our world-leading tea business committed to reaching the highest sustainability goals.”

Rotterdam-based CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII paid €4.5 billion Euros to acquire the company.

Tea at the Top of the World

By Roopak Goswami

The Guinness Book of World Records has certified a May 2021 tea break on Mt. Everest as the highest tea party in history. Climber Andrew Hughes, who organized the high-altitude tea break, writes that “tea already was interwoven into life on an Everest expedition. From the tea houses and lodges where we stayed along the trek to the countless hours spent with one another with a warm cup of tea in hand awaiting weather windows to climb onwards – tea is something that we shared so regularly that it is impossible to detach it from the overall Everest experience.” Read more…

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