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    Episode 21: Sustainable Wholesale

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Human Rights

Assessing Human Rights in Tea

By Aravinda Anantharaman

THIRST The International Round Table for Sustainable Tea, is launching a three-year program to analyze the root causes of human rights breaches in the tea industry and come up with an action plan for how to solve them. This will take the form of a Human Rights Impact Assessment of the global tea sector. Read more…

William Liu
William Liu

Why Ancient Tea Appeals to Young People

By Dan Bolton

William Liu is a 20-year-old sophomore at Wake Forest University so inspired by tea that he and his classmates established the World Tea Association on campus and online. The group offers tea discovery and tasting sessions weekly and hosts occasional tea panels with presentations by tea professionals, tea scholars, and tea explorers. The events bring together many who are new to tea, says William, “we aim to redefine the tea experience through an interdisciplinary approach and expose the true leaf to a greater audience.” In this segment he describes why tea appeals to young people and explains his view that tea learning is ongoing. “The tea journey has no destination,” he says, “it involves only intention and lifelong learning.” Read more…

Aahsa Bhandari
Aahsa Bhandari in the HIMCOOP tasting lab

Himalaya Tea Opportunity

By Aravinda Anantharaman

Nepal’s tea industry reported record sales in 2020. The fabled tea land is growing greater quantities and greater varieties of loose and broken leaf teas thanks to a government-initiated expansion of the industry to high altitude gardens in non-traditional growing areas. Rural agrarian entrepreneurs are redefining offerings for an international market thirsty for the distinct taste of Himalayan grown oolongs, white teas, and premium black whole leaf. In this segment Aravinda Anantharaman introduces Aasha Bhandari, newly named to promote trade at the Himalayan Tea Producers Cooperative, a consortium of all orthodox tea producers established in 2003. Read more…

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Episode 22: Spectacular Indian Tea

Tea news for the week ending June 18
| Cold Brew is Trending for Iced Tea Month
| DAVIDsTEA in Canada Settles its Debts
| Kenya Exports Surge but Auction Prices Remain Low

Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

Episode 21: Sustainable Wholesale

Tea news for the week ending June 11
|Food Inflation Dampens Enthusiasm Over Rising Tea Prices
| India’s Tea Industry Under Duress
| The European Union Grants Rooibos GI Protection

Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

Episode 20: Japan Tea Marathon

Tea news for the week ending June 4
| Pandemic Powers Organic Sales
| Tea Cafes Cautiously Re-opening
| Tata Consumer Products Expands Direct-to-Customer Range
| Buyers Spend Big at Chinese International Tea Expo

Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

Episode 19: Himalaya Tea Opportunity

Tea news for the week ending May 28
| Tea History Collection Unveiled
| Indian Commodities Logjam
| THIRST Undertakes a Human Rights Analysis in Tea
| A Series of Major Quakes Rattle Yunnan

Hear the News | Seven-minute Recap

Episode 18: International Tea Day

Tea news for the week ending May 21
| Assam Forbids Tea Workers to Isolate at Home
| Nepal’s First Flush Delayed
| Kagoshima May Soon Outproduce Shizuoka
| Hawaii Tea Harvest Report

Hear the News | Seven-minute Recap

Episode 17: The Tranquility of Tea

Tea news for the week ending May 14
| Kenya is Becoming Unbearably Hot for tea
| Brexit Disrupts UK Tea Trade
| Colombo Auction Transformed

Hear the News | Seven-minute Recap

Episode 16: Are Tea Auctions Still Relevant?

Tea news for the week ending May 7
| Dry Weather Worsens in Assam
| COVID Wave Sweeps over Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh
| Are Tea Auctions Still Relevant?
| Major Grocery Chains to Carry Flash-Fozen Tea Leaves

Hear the News | Seven-minute Recap

Episode 15: Steadfast Darjeeling Continues to Evolve

Tea news for the week ending April 30
| Mombasa to Expand Tea Auctions to Five Days a Week
| Spiking Costs Trigger Russian Price Increases
| A 6.4 Quake Shakes Assam, Factory Damage is Minor
| Vahdam Tea Mobilizes Emergency COVID Aid for India

Hear the News | Seven-minute Recap

Episode 14: Earth Day Takes on New Urgency

Tea news for the week ending April 23
| Earth Day Takes on New Urgency
| Restaurants are Rebounding
| World Tea Expo Co-locates with The Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas
| Boba is Languishing at Sea

Hear the News | Seven-minute Recap

Markets today are volatile and confusing – more so due to the pandemic and changing consumer behavior. The best way to respond locally is to keep the big picture in mind. Knowing the underlying trends behind the daily headlines helps tea professionals better interpret the news of the day. This overview is one in a series of 15-minute talks on the business of tea. – Dan Bolton

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Dia Internacional del Te Detras de los Titulares


Tea Biz offers insight in real-time for beverage professionals scanning daily news items about their trade.

Tea is both art and craft. It nourishes and inspires. It is the most ancient of plant-based medicines, simultaneously energizing the body as it soothes the mind. Intimately local in character, the tea trade exerts global influence, employing millions to supply consumers at far greater volumes than coffee.

It is a fascinating, intricate topic… far more complex than one person can master. That is why the Tea Biz Podcast enlists 40 voices skilled in 12 languages to tell the story of tea: authentic reporting relies on the expertise of tea professionals who know the tea lands from birth and speak the native tongue.

Transparency is storytelling grounded at origin.


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Japanese Tea Marathon

Tea Biz TEAm

Aravinda Anantharaman

“What came first, the tea or the story? For every tea I drink, there seems to be a story in the wings, waiting for a listener. Tea and stories, can’t have one without the other! I am in search of both.” 

Jessica Woollard

“The world of tea has endless stories. Stories of history, culture, business, agriculture and tradition. I feel so lucky to be able to tell some of them.”

Kyle Whittington

Kyle Whittington

“Tea draws us in. The tea itself, teapots, ceramics, and the stories behind the tea’s own books. I can’t resist picking up yet another book on tea and adding it to my tea bookshelf. Can you?”

Dan Bolton

“Tea is proven to enhance the well-being of those who drink several cups a day. It inspires a process of discovery among imbibers, cultivating a deep appreciation for the growing, crafting, and preparation of great tasting tea. Finding your own favorite tea leads to a daily ritual and, in time, a healthy life-long habit.”

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