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Tourism Book Elevates Immersive Travel

By Roopak Goswami

Tea tourism is more than an overnight stay in a quaint tea bungalow and a stroll in the garden.

Meaningful interactions introduce visitors to local tea culture, unique tea processing techniques, and natural and historical surroundings.

Tourists can explore the environment on ecotourism hikes along tea trails with spectacular vistas, spiritual tourism by visiting temples on pilgrimages, and enjoy gastronomic tourism that reveals the delights of culinary tea while dining.

The Routledge Handbook of Tea Tourism is a compendium that provides comprehensive and cutting-edge insights into global tea tourism. The book features contributions from scholars and experts in 19 countries.

 These experts debate the importance and challenges of tea tourism in the 21st century and new opportunities. For example, UNESCO announced it would review the joint nomination by Turkey and Azerbaijan for “Culture of Çay (tea), a symbol of identity, hospitality and social interaction” for inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The initial meeting to consider the designation is in December.

“The UNESCO recognition would create awareness of the need to protect this heritage which is part of the resource for tea tourism,” says Dr. Lee Jolliffe, Visiting Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ulster University in Northern Ireland. Joliffe is the lead editor of the tourism handbook, which is available in hardback and downloadable eBook.

The book describes tea as “an agricultural product of exotic lands. Brewing the leaf into a beverage provides a connection to nature, the tea workers, and the tea landscapes of production areas. These are all experiences that are inherent in tea tourism, whether through preparing the beverage at home from souvenir tea purchased during travel, consuming it at a local café or in a tea course, or visiting with tea workers in the tea fields and factories where it was produced and experiencing local tea culture.”

Dr. Jolliffe says “The book provides the opportunity to bring together academics and practitioners. Tea tourism is important to the tea industry as a way to promote tea and knowledge about tea and supplement and diversify income at tea-producing locations.”

Economist Sylvain Charlebois

High Inflation is an Economic Disease

By Dan Bolton

“When you look at global issues. When you look at where the market is going, I see a lot of positives for your product in particular,” Professor Sylvain Charlebois told attendees at the North American Tea Conference in September.

Two immediate challenges confront the industry, inflation and the global supply chain. “So let’s talk about inflation. Inflation is an economic disease. In this case, it’s self-inflicted,” he said. “Inflation is a big problem, but we must deal with inflation. When people go to the grocery store, they are absolutely spooked because they know everything is more expensive everywhere. In the grocery store, it’s even worse. Much worse.

“Consumers are trying to recalibrate their budgets just to make sure they have a roof on the top of their heads and to feed themselves, so that portion of their budget is increasing by the day. And we know the fed is going to increase its benchmark,” he said. “So, in the tea business, I would ask myself, OK, are we going back to 3.5% inflation? The answer is: not in the near future.”

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Tea News for the week ending November 11

“We cannot ignore the race to resilience in our race to zero,” says Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for Egypt. Developing countries will need $1 trillion a year in external financing by 2030 to cut emissions, boost resilience, restore land, and repair damage caused by increasingly destructive climate events, according to a report released by organizers of the United Nations Climate Summit (COP27). Total investment in developing countries will require $2.4 trillion by 2030, a sum beyond government budgets. Climate finance by the private sector, both foreign and domestic, is key to solving today’s development challenges. According to the report, the current investment is around $500 million. The report was jointly funded by hosts Egypt and the United Kingdom. 

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| A Tea Tourism Handbook Elevates Immersive Travel

| PLUS Tea Biz explores exotic Jeju Island off the southern coast of South Korea, where Wild Orchard Regenerative Tea is grown. Michael D. Ham, co-founder and company president, describes in detail the biodiverse cultivation and multiple washing of leaves while processing these award-winning teas.

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Aravinda Anantharaman

“What came first, the tea or the story? For every tea I drink, there seems to be a story in the wings, waiting for a listener. Tea and stories, can’t have one without the other! I am in search of both.” 


“The world of tea has endless stories. Stories of history, culture, business, agriculture and tradition. I feel so lucky to be able to tell some of them.”


Kyle Whittington

“Tea draws us in. The tea itself, teapots, ceramics, and the stories behind the tea’s own books. I can’t resist picking up yet another book on tea and adding it to my tea bookshelf. Can you?”


“Tea is proven to enhance the well-being of those who drink several cups a day. It inspires a process of discovery among imbibers, cultivating a deep appreciation for the growing, crafting, and preparation of great tasting tea. Finding your own favorite tea leads to a daily ritual and, in time, a healthy life-long habit.”

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