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Tea Processing Reimagined: Extruded Tea

Tea manufacturing has a rich history and 150-year tradition, but must embrace a new approach to stay relevant and competitive. Since the 1960s innovation has been limited to the development of machines that deliver economic efficiency, packaging, convenient formats, and flavors. It is time to explore new processing techniques.

Roshan with Dananjaya Silva

Q|A Roshan Rajadurai

Dr. Roshan Rajadurai, the Managing Director of Hayleys’ Plantations, left, discusses with Tea Biz correspondent and PMD Tea MD Dananjaya Silva how organizational discipline and adaptations enabled tea production to continue during the pandemic and recent economic hardships.

Andrew Chau

Boba as a Gateway to Tea

“People sometimes say boba is a fad. I’m like, well, how is it a fad if two billion people drink milk tea, or have tapioca every day?” asks Boba Guys CEO Andrew Chau. Chau explains how relentless attention to quality elevated a simple mix of milk tea and tapioca to a $3 billion global segment that is enticing a generation of non-tea drinkers to give tea a try.