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Andrew Chau

Boba as a Gateway to Tea

“People sometimes say boba is a fad. I’m like, well, how is it a fad if two billion people drink milk tea, or have tapioca every day?” asks Boba Guys CEO Andrew Chau. Chau explains how relentless attention to quality elevated a simple mix of milk tea and tapioca to a $3 billion global segment that is enticing a generation of non-tea drinkers to give tea a try.

Mike Bunston, OBE

A Taste of Modern Tea

Tea taster extraordinaire Mike Bunston recently visited the Tea History Collection in Banbury, Oxfordshire, to videotape a tasting of modern teas including milk tea, a Jasmine-mango fruit tea, and his first taste of bubble tea. Charlie Shortt, co-founder of the Tea History Collection organized the tasting and narrates this exchange.


New Protocols to Evaluate Specialty Tea

International Specialty Tea Association spokesperson Andrew McNeill announced new evaluation standards that provide a framework for the evaluation of specialty tea. He says the new protocols “give some shape to the premium tea products that producers are making tea and, increasingly, what consumers are buying.”

The Great Mississippi Tea Company

Small Scale Mechanization

The Great Mississippi Tea Company is pioneering modern cultivation, tea science, employment standards, and small-scale mechanization of the harvest for producers in developed countries where the high cost of labor and land has discouraged growers.