Get Connected in the Tea Industry

Tea groups on LinkedIn and Facebook allows your tea business to gain and share expertise.

LinkedIn Groups

Tea Importers & Exporters

The Tea Importers & Exporters group encourages all the members to share their experiences and information on tea imports & exports between regions, buyers & sellers, facilitating a better understanding of the markets.

Food and Beverage Today

Food and Beverage Today encourages members to learn, explore and connect with the millions of people in the food and beverage community. 

Tea Industry Careers & Trends

Tea Industry Careers & Trends is a group of professionals in the tea and herbs industry interested in career opportunities and trend watching.

Tea Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs

The Tea Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs group links individuals and groups together for networking and sharing of ideas.

Tea Journey Magazine

Tea Journey Magazine is a group for tea enthusiasts, embracing every tea, language, and culture. Articles, mainly originating in the tea lands, encourage readers to discover and refine their taste in tea.

Tea Biz Blog and Podcast

The Tea Biz Blog and Podcast group adds real-time context and insight for beverage professionals scanning daily news items about their trade. 

Tea Sommelier

Tea Sommelier is a group for those that study tea; the group allows members to make recommendations about tea’s use, and educate others about teas and tea service.

Facebook Groups

Tea Lovers

Tea Lovers is a Facebook group for enthuests, with over 13.2K members.

Tea Lovers Tea Club

Tea Lovers Tea Club is for sharing our love of tea and tea related treats. It’s a place for friendly chat over our favorite cup of tea.


Tea is where tea beginners and professionals can connect and learn from each other.


“Tea” is a group that aims to promote tea.

Gong Fu Cha

Gong Fu Cha is a group for individuals dedicated to the understanding and practice of tea and the methodology of G?ng Fu Chá.

Tea Manufacturers And Suppliers

Tea Manufacturers And Suppliers is a group dedicated to business purposes.

Tea & Teaware Export And Import Worldwide

Tea & Teaware Export And Import Worldwide is a place that all the tea & teaware exporters, importers, distribuers and tea lovers can talk and discuss freely.

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