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Transparency is storytelling grounded at origin. That is why the Tea Biz Podcast enlists 40 voices skilled in 12 languages to tell the story of tea, giving voice to origin. Authentic reporting relies on the expertise of tea professionals who know the tea lands from birth and speak the native tongue.

Each week the Tea Biz Podcast summarizes news with the greatest impact on the tea industry. Each episode offers a mix of news and features.

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  • Need to Know News
    UN FAO Hosts International Tea Day Webcast | Tea Day Sofa Summit | Global Instability is Suppressing East African Tea Prices | PLUS Sneha Balasubramaniam, Head of Marketing and Innovation at Tata Consumer Products, explains why Good Earth is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with the revival of two beloved teas.
  • Need to Know News
    China tea value increased by $4.4 billion to $43.2 billion in 2021 | International Tea Day is May 21 | Sofa Summit is May 23 | PLUS Yunomi.Life founder Ian Chun discusses Japan’s resurgent tea export market and the remarkable story of the record-setting two-million-yen hand-rolled green tea.