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Aravinda Anantharaman in Bengaluru offers weekly insight into India’s tea auction prices. Subscribe for $25 and get the Tea Price Report and Tea Journey Magazine.

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Tea Journey Magazine is a digital caravan of storytellers who travel to the tea lands and return with authentic, exclusive, authoritative articles, photos, and videos that help readers discover their tea destiny. The digital magazine, blog, and podcast serve a growing marketplace for fine tea and are backed by decades of publishing experience and an unprecedented network of devoted and respected tea authorities. 

Most English language coverage of tea is focused on marketing sachets and tins. Tea Journey shifts the conversation from tins to terroir and from packets to people with stories about exceptional artisans and extraordinary tea gardens. The discovery process cultivates an appreciation for the craft of growing, processing, and preparing great-tasting tea — along with a greater appreciation for the artisans who craft fine teas. 

The Tea Biz Podcast recaps the week’s major news and cultural trends delivered in the authentic voices of the tea lands with commentary by host Dan Bolton. Dan leads a team of experts reporting from the tea lands. The podcast is paired with the Tea Biz Blog to keep you connected to the global tea community.

The mix of news and features, newsmaker Q|A, briefs, and tea book reviews are timely, relevant, and insightful. Signup free or subscribe via your favorite podcast player. Bookmark the popular Hear the Headlines, a seven-minute recap of major news events. Listen anywhere… on your phone, in your car, at your desk. The permalink is updated Friday mornings. Unlike other blogs and podcasts, Tea Biz leverages a rich collection of guests who bring their impressive knowledge to you. Listen to the Tea Biz podcast today.