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Rudra Chatterjee

Estate-Direct Tea Retail at Scale

Rudra Chatterjee, the dynamic managing director of Luxmi Tea, has expanded and diversified the venerable 30-million-kilo bulk tea producer into direct-to-consumer retail. Luxmi, which operates 25 estates in India and Africa, has shortened the supply chain to deliver fresher tea and now sources herbal infusions and inclusions for blends locally.


A Stake for Every Stakeholder in Tea

We changed one word in our charter to include every farmer supplying even a kilo of leaf to us. We decided that as a Public Benefit Corporation we are not only responsible for creating value for company shareholders but will also create value for all stakeholders. One percent of our top-line revenue goes directly to the farmers.

Kenya Tea Board CEO Peris Mudida

Kenya Ups its Investment in High Value Tea

Kenya is investing millions in its tea sector to generate jobs and boost foreign exchange. Soon after taking office President William Ruto announced a new processing and packaging facility to be built in Mombasa and directed the Ministry of Trade to increase exports of value-added tea from 5% to 50% during the next five years.


TAZO Adopts Regenerative Business Approach

“Sustainability: it’s great in theory, but things like recycling and composting only get us so far in helping the earth. We should (and can) do a lot more. Going regenerative means improving every aspect of TAZO’s business: from how we make our tea to ensuring that our farming partners get the fair wages and treatment they deserve.” — TAZO