Grow Your Tea Business With Digital Marketing

Mackenzie Bailey Founder of Steeped Content

For tea businesses, Mackenzie’s digital marketing expertise is valuable. Her work and insights help tea business thrive, and she’s been an important addition to my companies, Tea Biz and Tea Journey. I recommend Steeped Content.

Dan Bolton Editor and Producer, Tea Journey And Tea Biz

Get Found Online

Get found online with content marketing and SEO

Grow Your Audience

Grow your audience with social media and email marketing

Sell More Products

Sell more products using pay-per-click advertising

Benefit From Specialised Expertise


Many tea businesses enter the market each month, so you need to stand out. That’s where branding comes in: it differentiates you in the market.

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Strategy, along with branding, is the foundation of effective marketing. You need direction and intent to navigate the digital marketing landscape, which is why strong strategies are crucial to success.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing can build your tea business’s audience and attract customers. Blog posts, podcasts, videos, and images can help you grow your traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) can generate significant traffic to your tea business’s website. SEO works effectively with content marketing, and requires expertise.

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Social Media

Social media marketing can supercharge your tea business – it helps expose new people to your business, helps you build an audience, and keeps you top of mind.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is indispensable. Your tea business uses email marketing to build a close relationship with customers (and potential customers), driving sales.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can capture attention and drive sales. But PPC platforms like Facebook and Google can get expensive quickly, so expertise is vital.

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More Reasons to Love Steeped Content

Avoid Fits and Starts

Avoid fits and starts in your marketing efforts by selecting the amount of time you want Steeped Content to market your tea business. These monthly retainers work well if you want consistent growth.

Cherry-Pick What You Need

Steeped Content offers fixed-price fixed-deliverable services, so you can cherry-pick what you need and avoid uncertainty about cost.

Get Flexibility

Steeped Content’s hourly rate helps you stay flexible with custom projects. You can get Mackenzie to help with bespoke projects, large or small.

Get Specialised Insights

Tea businesses grow with specialized expertise. Steeped Content specializes in serving tea companies, so you know you’re getting industry-specific insights.

Verified Expertise

Mackenzie’s tea sommelier accreditation, MSC Marketing Strategy and Innovation, agency experience, and more, ensures she provides value to you.

One of Us

Steeped Content offers some services to tea producers free of charge. Mackenzie’s commitment to supporting those at origin shows she’s one of us, a member of the tea community.

Experience In The Tea Industry

Her on-page optimizations increased my organic traffic by 37%!

Nicole Wilson Tea For Me Please

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Mackenzie’s educational article is the top-performing article on Tea Journey.

Dan Bolton Tea Biz and Tea Journey

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The content marketing strategy Mackenzie developed for The Tea Practitioner exceeded my expectations.

Sierra Joseph-Quon The Tea Practitioner

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Click The Button And Grow Your Tea Business With Digital Marketing

Tea Businesses need digital marketing to grow.

Doing digital marketing yourself is risky: there’s a lot that can go wrong. Hiring an agency may not be a great option: they’re often expensive and rarely have deep product and industry expertise in tea.

Steeped Content offers you marketing and product expertise, helping your tea business grow.

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