• The Ku/Ka-band dual-frequency precipitation measurement radar onboard the FY-3G Satellite captured rainfall near Hainan and Yangjiang in Guangdong Province. The image showed the three-dimensional structure of the precipitation system from 3.75 to 6 kilometers from the surface. Credits: National Satellite Meteorological Centre of CMA

    Receding La Niña to Boost Summer Temps

    China is again experiencing record-breaking heat early in the crop cycle, impacting Yunnan and several other tea-growing provinces. The country has experienced several heat waves since March, with Yunnan in Southwestern China recording 40 Celsius highs. Northern provinces Jinan and Tianjin are seeing temperatures soar to 37C (about 98 degrees Fahrenheit).

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  • Catchy TV Campaign Launches Lipton Hard Tea

    This week, Lipton unveiled a trio of television and web commercials that state the obvious.  The top-selling non-alcoholic tea brand recently launched a fresh-brewed line with 5% ABV (alcohol by volume). The new hard tea is blended with a triple-filtered malt base in four versions, replicating its best-selling flavored iced tea.

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  • Eugene Tea Festival

    The inaugural Eugene Tea Festival is Sunday, May 21 at the Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza in downtown Eugene, Ore. The event is sponsored by the City of Eugene Cultural Services Downtown Program Fund

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  • Vikas Khanna & Bala Sarda

    Spice and Tea Synergy

    Vahdam Tea founder Bala Sarda is launching a new line of 25 Indian spices grown free of adulterants and pesticides and manufactured without artificial colors. Initially, Vahdam spices will be sold directly to consumers and later offered in grocery stores.

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  • Kevin Gascoyne

    Driving Growth Through Intent-Based Advertising and Experiential Retail

    The tea industry has seen significant growth over the past few years. More consumers are looking for unique and high-quality tea products.  Tea business owners must create a customer-centric approach (Gascoyne, 2023). Such an approach requires understanding consumer intent (Bailey, 2023). Combining intent-based advertising and experiential retail can fuel growth for your tea brand. We […]

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