• Unrelenting Heat is Lowering Tea Yields

    Merrill J. Fernando with sons Dilhan (left) and Malik
    Merrill J. Fernando with sons Dilhan (left) and Malik
    Tea News for the week ending July 21

    | Global Average Air Temperatures Reach a New High
    | Herbal Tea Market Growth is Accelerating
    | Dilmah Tea Founder Merrill J Fernando Passes at 93

    Hear the Headlines
    Hear the Headlines | Seven Minute Tea News Recap

    Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan is an expert in business development with a passion for assisting online entrepreneurs in dealing with disruptions like the tea industry is facing. He is CEO of London-based Donsfield, a trade development firm that buys and builds successful global brands. Pradeep writes that “growth in life is to be able to take bigger risks at a faster pace at every stage.”

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    Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan on building a successful online tea brand.

    Unrelenting Heat Lowers Tea Yields

    By Dan Bolton

    China, Africa, and India are experiencing such intense heat that summer tea yields have dropped.

    Oppressive temperatures greatly restrict the time pluckers can spend in the heat, and in several global hot spots, tea bushes are dropping their leaves.

    Le Monde reports that ten months after the exceptional heatwave that hit China in the summer of 2022, the region’s tea growers are still suffering the consequences.

    “We’ve had at least 40% less production,” said Wu Wen, a Longjing grower in Hangzhou. “But we’re not the worst affected: look,” she said, pointing to three dead plants dumped on the edge of the neighboring field.

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  • Iran and Sri Lanka Revive $250 Million Tea-for-Oil Barter

    Sri Lanaka Barters Tea for Oil
    Sri Lanka and Iran resume 2021 tea barter agreement to settle 2012 oil debt
    Tea News for the week ending June 30

    | Decade Old Oil Debt to be Settled in $5 Million Monthly Installments of Tea
    | India Exporters Expect Iran to Resume Buying Tea Halted Since November
    | Israel Declares Wissotzky Tea a Monopoly
    | Rohit Jawa Takes Charge at Hindustan Unilever

    Hear the Headlines
    Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

    Organizers of the annual Teas of the World contest hosted by AVPA, the Paris-based Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products, announced Aug. 31 is the deadline for submitting monovarietal teas, tea blends, and infusions. Ksenia Hleap, responsible for development and communications at AVPA, updates us on the 6th annual competition.

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    Ksenia Hleap, development and communications at AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products)

    Barter Eases Constraints Imposed by Sanctions on Iran

    By Dan Bolton

    Iran and Sri Lanka in July will resume bartering tea.

    In a related development, Indian exporters say a resumption of tea shipments from India to Iran is expected soon.

    The barter agreement with Iran is to settle an outstanding debt incurred in 2012, effectively bypassing Western sanctions and easing financial hardships in both countries caused by politics, economics, and war.

    Terms of the agreement with state-run Ceylon Petroleum Corp. call for Sri Lanka’s treasury to transfer the equivalent of USD 5 million monthly in rupees to the Tea Board of Sri Lanka. The funds will then be paid to exporters. According to Tea Board Chairman Niraj de Mel, Iranian tea importers will pay the National Iranian Oil Company in riyals.

    Sri Lanka’s plantation ministry issued a statement assuring all parties that the agreement “will not violate UN or US sanctions since tea has been categorized as a food item on humanitarian grounds. None of the blacklisted Iranian banks will be involved in the equation.”

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  • India Reviews Raw Leaf Price-Sharing Formula

    India's formula for small tea growers (STGs) and bought leaf factories (BLFs) determines split of auction prices
    India’s small tea growers (STGs) and bought-leaf factories (BLFs) split the average auction prices within growing regions according to a formula last revised in 2013.
    Tea News for the week ending June 23

    | Consultants BDO India has six months to complete an extensive report on cultivation and processing costs
    | US Fast-food Outlets Have Yet to Rollout Boba Nationally
    | The European Speciality Tea Association Offers Tea Barista Foundation Certificates to Coffee Shop Staff

    Hear the Headlines
    Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

    Tea Biz travels to Sri Lanka to attend the Dilmah School of Tea hosted by Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company CEO Dilhan C. Fernando. The school teaches that knowledge inspires passion. In this interview, Fernando shares his passion for modernizing the tea experience for consumers ordering tea at restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

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    Dilhan C. Fernando, CEO Dilmah Ceylon Tea

    India Tea Board to Review Tea Price-Sharing Formula

    By Dan Bolton

    Raw leaf price sharing, implemented in 2004 and revised in 2013, protects tea smallholders and ensures that bought leaf factories (BLF) retain enough of the final auction price to operate profitably.

    This week the Tea Board of India hired consulting firm BDO India to review the current split, which varies by region—smallholders in the West Bengal tea belt currently receive 58%, and BLFs received 42% of the average auction price paid for tea. In Assam, the formula is 60% for STGs (small tea growers) and 40% for the factories that process smallholder tea.

    Bijoy Gopal Chakraborty, President of CISTA (Confederation of Indian Small Tea Growers Association), has pressed for a revision of the formula for several years.

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  •  Thirst-Quenching Cold Brew Teas

    Chinese Cold Brew Retail Concept
    A popular new Chinese cold brew tea retail concept
    Tea News for the week ending June 9

    | As Temperatures Rise, Tea is Ideally Suited to Quench the World’s Thirst
    Consumers favor boldly flavored, non-sweetened blends
    | Kenya’s Costly Tea Crisis
    | The Tea Association of India Lists Industry Concerns

    Hear the Headlines
    Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

    Tea Biz traveled to Sri Lanka in May to speak with Romesh Walpola, CEO of Tea Smallholder Factories, at his offices in Colombo. Walpola later arranged a visit to the Neluwa Madagama Tea Factory, one of the company’s seven bought-leaf factories. Combined, these factories produce three million kilos of black tea a year. Walpola explains that investing in training, wellness, and educational programs, including internships for second-generation farmers, earns the loyalty of thousands of small tea growers and is one reason why the company’s teas get top dollar at auction.

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    Romesh Walpola, CEO, Tea Smallholder Factories

    Cold Brew is Steaming Ahead

    Globally as temperatures rise, thirst-quenching iced and cold-brewed teas are experiencing a boost in demand. The global market for cold-brewed teas, estimated at $215 million in 2020, is small but fast-growing, with cafes, on-tap, and ready-to-drink opportunities.

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  • International Tea Day Makes a Big Splash

    International Tea Day 2023
    International Tea Day 2023

    Tea News for the week ending May 19

    | International Tea Day Makes a Big Splash
    This year’s theme is Bringing People Together Over a Cup of Tea

    | Receding La Niña Expected to Boost Summer Temps

    | Catchy TV Campaign Promotes Lipton’s New Hard Tea

    PLUS Tea Biz travels to Montréal, Quebec, to talk with Nadia de la Vega, director of tea sustainability and content at DAVIDsTEA, a company that fosters a spirit of POSITIVI-TEA which she describes as doing what’s right for both our local communities and global suppliers. Jessica Natale Woollard reports.

    Hear the Headlines
    Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

    International Tea Day Celebrations Expand Globally

    Enthusiasm for the United Nations-designated International Tea Day is peaking this year as tea associations, governments, and brands join the May 21 tribute. The global tea industry increased production from 4.3 to 6.5 billion kilos from 2009-2019, enabling tea drinkers to enjoy 8.2 billion cups daily. A few of the many activities are linked below.

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