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Interfacial surface film that forms on black tea.

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 35

Tea News for the Week of Sept. 11 | Bids Top $4 Billion for Unilever Tea Portfolio | India May Halt Imports of Nepal Tea | Sales of Herbal
Supplements in US Exceed $10 Billion | PLUS The Physics of Black Tea Film | and the Rainforest Alliance’s Madhuri Nanda on the evolution of sustainable farming to more holistic regenerative agriculture.

Carmien Tea Founder Mientjie Mouton

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 26

Tea Industry News for the week ending July 16 – Darjeeling Experiences a Severe Downturn | Researchers Discover Expanded Role for Microbes in Tea Making
| Oxfam India Defines Living Wage for Assam Tea Workers | PLUS Carmién Tea founder Mientjie Mouton on the EU’s decision to commercially protect rooibos and word from the nine women growers of the Tea Gardens of Scotland on how short summers and cold winters contribute to the unique flavor of Scottish tea.