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Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 30

India’s Top Producer McLeod Russel Faces Bankruptcy | Tea Authentication Standard Chemically Verifies Origins | Soggy Soil Keeps Terracotta Kulhads in Short Supply | PLUS Ito En’s Rona Tison on why tea is the ideal base for function-enhancing blends and Lisa Boalt Richardson describes the World Tea Academy’s newest certification.


Natural Tea Energy

Cross category tea blends bridge traditional retail categories such as energy and refreshment; and have successfully carved out space on the shelf next to functional beverages as low-sugar organic, clean label alternatives to fortified waters and juice.

Children Benefit from Drinking Tea

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 28

Tea Industry News for the week ending July 30 – Research Reveals that Children Benefit from Drinking Tea | A New Definition for Specialty Tea Gets Refined | Unilever’s Tea Brand Divestiture is on Pace | PLUS Rising Temperatures Torture Tea