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Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 43

Tea News for the Week of Nov. 12 – The Desirability of Sustainability | Ekaterra Tea Pledges to Become Net-Zero | Grocery Shoppers Say they Will Pay More for Sustainable Food | Inflation Demonstrates a Troubling Persistence | PLUS Tea Board of India Chairman Prabhat Bezboruah explains the current situation and the economic and societal forces driving significant reforms.


Q|A Prabhat Bezboruah

India’s government is going to revamp the Tea Act. It’s going to be a wholesale revamp. The role of the Tea Board is also going to be redefined. That’s a work in progress and it’s already happening. Even the Plantation Labor Act is going to get subsumed once the code on wages and the occupational safety and health hazards act are implemented.


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 42

Tea News for the Week of Nov. 5 – A New Theory on How Green Tea Promotes Longevity | The Bubble Tea Business is Frothing Globally | Assam Smallholder Collective Debuts Equifarm Tea Brand | PLUS AVPA Gold Medalists Discuss their Winning Teas and SAMA Tea CEO Michael Parisi on how he used AI to help formulate new adaptogenic blends

Will Battle on the unique costs of producing specialty tea.

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 41

Tea News for the Week of Oct. 29 – Fairtrade International Predicts Climate-Related Financial Disaster for Small Tea Farms | Chemical Fertilizer Supplies Disrupted | Holiday Helpers are in Short Supply | PLUS wholesaler Will Battle details the added costs of producing specialty tea.

Harkirat Sidhu

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 40

Tea News for the Week of Oct. 22 – Sri Lanka Abandons Fertilizer Import Ban | Kenya’s KTDA Sets a Minimum Price for Auctioned Tea | AVPA Announces Teas of the World Winners | PLUS Harkirat Sidhu on Mechanical Tea Harvesting


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 38

Tea News for the Week of Oct. 8 | India Adopts Tea Industry Reforms | US Considers Granting Exemptions from Chinese Tariffs | A Tribute to Nepal Tea Maker Morris Orchard | Swiss inspired High Mountain Tea Houses in the Canadian Rockies.

Monte Metilile, TE Mozambique

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 37

Tea News for the Week of Oct. 1 | Kenya Exports Saturate Black Tea Market | COVID Depresses Japanese Tea Business in Unique Ways | Unilever is Recognized by the World Benchmarking Alliance as the Top Food and Agriculture Benchmark
| PLUS Mohit Agarwal, Managing Director at the Asia Tea Group, explains the advantages of organic tea farming at scale.


Organic Tea Production at Scale

With 6,325 acres under tea, Mozambique’s Cha de Magoma is the world’s largest bio-organic tea garden and its Monte Metilile brand is a success story that demonstrates the many advantages of scale in producing great-tasting, high-quality, clean teas.

John Snell

Q|A John Snell

Unlike much of Africa’s tea growing regions, Mozambique has true seasonality with an off season that enables tea bushes to produce the right concentration of phenolics essential in making great specialty tea.


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 36

Tea News for the Week of Sept. 24 | Retail Sales Forecast Happy Holidays
| Restaurant Reticence is Declining
| A Restructured DAVIDsTEA Expands into Pharmacies | PLUS Folklore Tea co-founders in Guwahati, Assam discuss how they engage customers at an unusual level of intimacy

Interfacial surface film that forms on black tea.

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 35

Tea News for the Week of Sept. 17 | Bids Top $4 Billion for Unilever Tea Portfolio | India May Halt Imports of Nepal Tea | Sales of Herbal
Supplements in US Exceed $10 Billion | PLUS The Physics of Black Tea Film | and the Rainforest Alliance’s Madhuri Nanda on the evolution of sustainable farming to more holistic regenerative agriculture.

Madhuri Nanda, Rainforest Alliance

Q|A Madhuri Nanda

Sustainable farming practices ensure no negative impact. The focus in regenerative agriculture is making the system better by adopting an ecosystem approach to enhance biodiversity and improve soil health.


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 34

Sri Lanka Tea Yields Feared to Decline | McLeod Russel Settlement Resolves Insolvency | Bangladesh Tea Sector Returns to Pre-Pandemic Production Levels | PLUS A chat with the Rare Tea Lady on obligations to origin | and Denys Shortt on digitizing the Tea History Collection


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 33

Timely Tea Delivery Faces Troubled Waters | Tea is Thriving in the Convenience Channel | Iran Tea Production is Up 25 Percent | Plus Unilever publishes four principles of regenerative agriculture and Burmese laphet’s expanding presence in tea leaf cuisine.


Regenerative Agriculture

Can a world that has already eroded a third of the planet’s soils feed a population of 10 billion without intensive agricultural practices that rely on heavy inputs of fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides that sustain monoculture farming?


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 32

Afghan Tea Market Concerns as Taliban Conquers Kabul | Foodservice Recovery Rates Vary Widely by Sector | Researchers Confirm Heart Healthy Aspects of Tea | PLUS Anshuman Kanoria new owner of Jungpana and Goomtee estates on India’s unrealized potential in tea.


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 30

India’s Top Producer McLeod Russel Faces Bankruptcy | Tea Authentication Standard Chemically Verifies Origins | Soggy Soil Keeps Terracotta Kulhads in Short Supply | PLUS Ito En’s Rona Tison on why tea is the ideal base for function-enhancing blends and Lisa Boalt Richardson describes the World Tea Academy’s newest certification.


Natural Tea Energy

Cross category tea blends bridge traditional retail categories such as energy and refreshment; and have successfully carved out space on the shelf next to functional beverages as low-sugar organic, clean label alternatives to fortified waters and juice.

Children Benefit from Drinking Tea

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 28

Tea Industry News for the week ending July 30 – Research Reveals that Children Benefit from Drinking Tea | A New Definition for Specialty Tea Gets Refined | Unilever’s Tea Brand Divestiture is on Pace | PLUS Rising Temperatures Torture Tea


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 27

Tea Industry News for the week ending July 23 – New Criteria Proposed for Differentiating Specialty Tea | Walmart Tea is now 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Sustainable | Kenya Sets KTDA Tea Auction Price Minimums | PLUS David Veal explains how the European Speciality Tea Association arrived at a new definition of specialty tea and why it will prove helpful and Aravinda Anantharaman takes us on a virtual tour of a northern India tea café with heart.

Carmien Tea Founder Mientjie Mouton

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 26

Tea Industry News for the week ending July 16 – Darjeeling Experiences a Severe Downturn | Researchers Discover Expanded Role for Microbes in Tea Making
| Oxfam India Defines Living Wage for Assam Tea Workers | PLUS Carmién Tea founder Mientjie Mouton on the EU’s decision to commercially protect rooibos and word from the nine women growers of the Tea Gardens of Scotland on how short summers and cold winters contribute to the unique flavor of Scottish tea.

Tea Book Shop

A Rare Find

The image at right is of a pyramid-shaped folding display poster circa 1880. When opened flat, there are brief descriptions of tea occasions. When folded into a three-dimensional pyramid, the sides read, “The Secret of a Really Good Cup of Tea is Quality as supplied by the Tea Planters & Importers Co., London.”


Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 24

Tea Industry News for the week ending July 2 – Logistics Companies Invest to Right the Ship | Newly Elected KTDA Board Ousts Executives | Hain Celestial Streamlines Tea Selections | PLUS Alicia Gentili on the challenges of establishing a new tea garden in the English Channel and Dorje Tea targets India’s domestic market in an attempt to revive Darjeeling’s Selim Hill.

Jayampathy Molligoda, Chairman SLTB

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 23

Tea Industry News for the week ending June 25 – Sri Lanka’s Clean Tea Ambitions | COVID’s Toll on India’s Tea Garden Workers | Tea Day Auction Yields Record Prices | Nayuki’s Lucrative IPO | PLUS Maria Uspenski describes the benefits of adaptogens and Rishi Tea’s Jeff Champeau says that marketing seasonality is a great way to introduce craft-brewed tea into our lives.

Jeff Champeau, vice president of business development at Rishi Tea & Botanicals

Q|A Jeff Champeau

Jeff Champeau, vice president of business development at Rishi Tea & Botanicals in Milwaukee, Wis., explains that marketing seasonality is a great way to introduce craft-brewed tea into our lives.

Ravi Kroesen, Head Teamaker Smith Teamaker

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 22

Tea Industry News for the week ending June 18 – Cold Brew is Trending for Iced Tea Month | DAVIDsTEA in Canada Settles its Debts | Kenya Exports Surge but Auction Prices Remain Low | PLUS Smith Teamaker’s Ravi Kroesen explains new plant-based café concept and Amy Dubin-Nath on Indian specialty teas.

Jan-Berend Holzapfel

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 21

Tea Industry News for the week ending June 11- Food Inflation Dampens Enthusiasm Over Rising Tea Prices | India’s Tea Industry Under Duress | and the European Union Grants Rooibos GI Protection | PLUS Jan Holzapfel, owner of 198-year-old Ronnefeldt Tea on sustainable wholesale and Kyle Whittington reviews INFUSED Adventures in Tea by Henrietta Lovell

Jan-Berend Holzapfel

Q|A Jan Holzapfel

Sustainable best practices at tea gardens are well established, the rest of the supply chain offers significant opportunities to protect the environment and conserve resources.

Japan Tea Maraton

Japanese Tea Marathon

The Japan Tea Marathon is a series of live online events featuring teas from 15 of Japan’s tea producing regions. Zoom sessions begin July 23 and are held twice daily, concluding Aug. 8. Two hundred competing brewers and 1000 regular admissions give the entire world of tea an opportunity to cheer their favorite to victory.

Japan Tea Maraton

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 20

Tea Industry News for the week ending June 4. – Pandemic Powers Organic Sales | Tea Cafes Cautiously Re-opening | Tata Expands Direct-to-Customer Range | Buyers Spend Big at Chinese International Tea Expo | PLUS Simona Suzuki on the Japan Tea Marathon and Jessica Natale Woollard walks listeners through Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Exhibit hall Entrance

China International Tea Expo

Live tea expositions, seminars, and tradeshows are returning with vigor in China. The five-day China International Tea Expo that opened in Hangzhou May 21 drew a crowd of 152,000 mainly domestic tea buyers. In aggregate they spent RMB6.4 billion purchasing 254 million tons of tea, a 14% increase compared to the previous event.

Aahsa Bhandari

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 19

Tea Industry News for the week of May 28 | Tea History Collection Unveiled in UK | Indian Commodities Logjam | THIRST Undertakes a Human Rights Analysis in Tea | A Series of Major Quakes Rattle Yunnan | PLUS HIMCOOP’s Aasha Bhandari on Nepal’s tea industry in transition and college sophomore William Liu explains why Ancient Tea Appeals to Young People.

Hawaii Tea Forest Sun

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 18

Tea Industry News for the week of May 21. | International Tea Day Celebrations | Assam Forbids Tea Workers to Isolate at Home | Nepal’s First Flush is Delayed | Kagoshima May Soon Outproduce Shizuoka | PLUS Eva Lee Shares Hawaii Harvest Update and author Chitrita Banerji Explains that Tea is Both Cultural and Personal


Hawaiian Tea Harvest Report

The tea plants throughout the state of Hawaii are expressing themselves considerably more this time of year than they have in the past, says Eva Lee, adding, “usually we would have begun harvesting in February or March for our first flush spring harvest.”

Jeff Fuchs

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 17

Tea news for the week ending May 14 | Kenya is Becoming Unbearably Hot for Tea | Brexit Disrupts UK Tea Trade | Colombo Tea Auction Transformed | PLUS The Tranquility of Tea with Jeff Fuchs and Steve Schwartz on tea as a conduit for health & wellness

Tea collection Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 14

Tea news for the week ending April 23 | Earth Day Takes on New Urgency | Restaurants are Rebounding | World Tea Expo Co-locates with The Nightclub & Bar Show | Bubble Tea Boba is Languishing at Sea | PLUS — Rediscovering 174 Year Old Tea and India’s Earth-Friendly Factory

Afternoon Tea Re-imagined

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 13

Tea news for the week ending April 16 | India Surpasses Brazil as the World’s COVID Hotspot | The Global Tea Initiative at UC Davis to Host Virtual Event | Tea Imports Spike in Pakistan | Tea Masters Cup Names Champions in Moscow | PLUS — Afternoon Tea Re-Imagined

INDCOSERVE Managing Director Supriya Sahu

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 12

Tea news for the week ending April 9 | A Sparkling Future for Fizzy Tea | Bubble Tea Drinkers Froth Over Drinking Straw Ban | Vahdam Tea Partners with Goodricke Group | Starbucks Introduces Reusable Rent-a-Cup | PLUS — INDCOSERVE: Awakening a Sleeping Giant

Ships awaiting berth

Timely Tea Delivery

New harvest tea is on its way. Two hurdles remain. Transport is stretched to the breaking point as reinvigorated economies stir from pandemic weariness. The second hurdle is cost. Wholesalers, retailers, and importers that last year bore the weight of spiking prices must now make up for lost earnings.

Tea Clipper Races Reborn

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 11

Tea news for the week ending April 2 | Suez Ship-jam Delays Tea Deliveries
| Tea Aisle Sales Stand Out in Grocery
| Tea Retail Realignment Underway | Camellia Sinensis Closes Emery Street Teahouse | PLUS: A maritime foundation in Scotland has a bold plan to restore the last of the clipper ships and race it from China to UK filled with tea.

Kaley Tea founder Udena Wickremesooriya

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 10

Tea news for the week ending March 26 | India High Court Reverses Tea Worker Wage Increase | Kenyan Tea Factory Elections Suspended | Study Finds Growers Adapting to Climate Change | PLUS: Certifications soothe the conscience, but do they deliver for the communities where workers reside?

Profitable Pivot

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 9

Tea Industry News for the week of March 19. | US Restaurant Rescue Funds Total $28.6 Billion | EU Reviews Pesticide Rules | Tea Theaflavin Inhibits Coronavirus Replication | PLANT-AG is a $9 Billion Startup that Promises Field-to-Plate Traceability

Angela McDonald

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 7

Tea Industry News for the week of March 5.| Brand Relevance in Chaotic Times | Nepal Announces Tea Traceability Project | The Danish Tea Association Merges with The European Speciality Tea Association
| YELP! Names a Tea House to its list of Top 100 Places to Eat in America

Episode 4 Banner

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 4

Tea Industry News for the week of February 12

| Hard tea packs a punch
| India earmarks worker subsidies for women and children
| Beware of false claims, FDA warns companies to stop misleading consumers with products that claim to cure COVID-19

Narendranath Dharmaraj

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 3

Tea Industry News for the week of February 5

| Shipping container shortage threatens timely tea deliveries
| Kenya’s High Court has ruled against unions seeking to prevent mechanical harvesting of tea
| Bombs Away… Tea bombs encased in confectionary get rave reviews online


Nomad Tea Festival

Led by tea enthusiasts in Europe, the Nomad Tea Festival is an ambitious virtual event that brings together a diverse, talented, and very tech-savvy cadre of tea experts, educators, entertainers, and vendors.


| DAVIDsTEA Reorganizes

Tea Industry News for the Week of July 13
— DAVIDsTEA Restructures |
— US Retail Re-openings Stall |
— World Tea Expo Postponed Until 2021 |
— Samovar Tea Lounges Begin “Hibernation” |
— Kenya Court Halts Tea Reforms |


Retail Rebounds

Tea Industry News for the Week of June 15
— Retail is Rebounding |
— Breakfast: Deflated Daypart |
— Reopening: Milllennials Lead the Way |
— E-Commerce Sales of Specialty Tea Spike |
— India Extends Lockdown | Exports Declined in 2019


Need to Know | Boba Delivery

Tea industry news for the week of May 18.

― Boba Tea Tops Beverage Delivery Lists |
― East Africa Update |
― Turkish Tea Harvest |
― Robotic Waitstaff Serves Tea |
― Nepal Asks India to Resume Tea Imports |


Need to Know | Pandemic

Tea Industry News for the week of April 27
– The Pandemic’s Impact on Specialty Tea
– Starbucks Reports 60-70% Decline in US Sales
– McKinsey & Co.: Consumers Are Readily Abandoning Brands
– Sri Lanka: March Tea Exports Drop by Half
– Retail Innovations: Samovar Tea Lounge Offers Free Meal Monday.


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