• Iran Halts Tea Imports From India | NETA Asks for Ban on Six Pesticides | Kangra Tea Seeks Interventions From State Government

    By Aravinda Anantharaman | Editor

    India Tea News for the week ending June 7, 2024

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    Iran halts India tea imports
    Iran halts Indian tea imports, forcing growers and traders to find new markets.

    Iran Halts Tea Imports From India

    Iran, one of India’s big tea markets, has suddenly halted imports of tea and rice from India. No reason was given, although government officials have been quoted as saying this could be a retaliatory response as India stopped imports of kiwi and peaches from Iran. Another point raised was that Iran wanted India to restart buying oil. The Mint reported that Iran’s rice imports for April- September 2023 stood at $641.66 million, while tea imports for January- September 2023 stood at $66.39 million, valued second to the UAE. The tea bodies are waiting for Iran’s responses on the reasons for stopping imports.

    NETA Asks For Ban On Six Pesticides

    Representatives from the North Eastern Tea Association have submitted a memorandum to the state agriculture minister with an appeal to prohibit the stock, sale, and distribution of six pesticides – Cypermethrin, Acephate, Imidacloprid, Acetamiprid, Dinotefuran, and Fipronil. These pesticides are banned for tea, and the association said that testing of teas showed MRL ( maximum residue levels) residues indicating the use of these chemicals. The association said that these six pesticides contributed to much of the problems attached to the lack of food safety compliance.

    Kangra Tea Seeks Government Intervention

    The Kangra tea industry is awaiting some interventions from the state government to revive and promote their tea industry. The land under tea cultivation and crop have dropped significantly in recent years as it has been losing its viability. Three of the four government factories also remain closed. The tea association here has asked for greater support, especially in increasing the state’s tea tourism opportunities.

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  • Iran and Sri Lanka Revive $250 Million Tea-for-Oil Barter

    Sri Lanaka Barters Tea for Oil
    Sri Lanka and Iran resume 2021 tea barter agreement to settle 2012 oil debt
    Tea News for the week ending June 30

    | Decade Old Oil Debt to be Settled in $5 Million Monthly Installments of Tea
    | India Exporters Expect Iran to Resume Buying Tea Halted Since November
    | Israel Declares Wissotzky Tea a Monopoly
    | Rohit Jawa Takes Charge at Hindustan Unilever

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    Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

    Organizers of the annual Teas of the World contest hosted by AVPA, the Paris-based Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products, announced Aug. 31 is the deadline for submitting monovarietal teas, tea blends, and infusions. Ksenia Hleap, responsible for development and communications at AVPA, updates us on the 6th annual competition.

    Listen to the Interview
    Ksenia Hleap, development and communications at AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products)

    Barter Eases Constraints Imposed by Sanctions on Iran

    By Dan Bolton

    Iran and Sri Lanka in July will resume bartering tea.

    In a related development, Indian exporters say a resumption of tea shipments from India to Iran is expected soon.

    The barter agreement with Iran is to settle an outstanding debt incurred in 2012, effectively bypassing Western sanctions and easing financial hardships in both countries caused by politics, economics, and war.

    Terms of the agreement with state-run Ceylon Petroleum Corp. call for Sri Lanka’s treasury to transfer the equivalent of USD 5 million monthly in rupees to the Tea Board of Sri Lanka. The funds will then be paid to exporters. According to Tea Board Chairman Niraj de Mel, Iranian tea importers will pay the National Iranian Oil Company in riyals.

    Sri Lanka’s plantation ministry issued a statement assuring all parties that the agreement “will not violate UN or US sanctions since tea has been categorized as a food item on humanitarian grounds. None of the blacklisted Iranian banks will be involved in the equation.”

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  • International Tea Day Makes a Big Splash

    International Tea Day 2023
    International Tea Day 2023

    Tea News for the week ending May 19

    | International Tea Day Makes a Big Splash
    This year’s theme is Bringing People Together Over a Cup of Tea

    | Receding La Niña Expected to Boost Summer Temps

    | Catchy TV Campaign Promotes Lipton’s New Hard Tea

    PLUS Tea Biz travels to Montréal, Quebec, to talk with Nadia de la Vega, director of tea sustainability and content at DAVIDsTEA, a company that fosters a spirit of POSITIVI-TEA which she describes as doing what’s right for both our local communities and global suppliers. Jessica Natale Woollard reports.

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    International Tea Day Celebrations Expand Globally

    Enthusiasm for the United Nations-designated International Tea Day is peaking this year as tea associations, governments, and brands join the May 21 tribute. The global tea industry increased production from 4.3 to 6.5 billion kilos from 2009-2019, enabling tea drinkers to enjoy 8.2 billion cups daily. A few of the many activities are linked below.

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  • Global Tea Forum Makes a Splendid Return

    Panels explored tea production, trade, logistics, innovation, and sustainability
    Tea News for the week ending April 28
    | The Global Dubai Forum Makes a Splendid Return
    DMCC Executive Chairman and CEO Ahmed bin Sulayem commits to a biennial schedule for future conferences

    | South India Planters Name 18 Golden Tea Leaf India Award Winners

    | Indian Tea Association Presses for a Tea Price Floor Indexed to Rising Production Costs Borne by Smallholders and Made Leaf Producers

    PLUS This week, Tea Biz discusses various revealing consumer trends and beverage insights with Siân Edwards, Group Insights Manager at Finlays. She says the outlook for the beverage industry is positive, with consumers making good choices for the planet and themselves.

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    Dubai Remains World’s Top Tea Re-Exporter

    A five-year pandemic-forced hiatus lent this year’s gathering of tea executives the atmosphere of a reunion on April 25-27. Three hundred attendees got reacquainted with each other and the impressive expansion of services at the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC).  

    Director of Agri Commodities Saeed Al Suwaidi, named to the post in January 2022, said that the DMCC Tea Center played a major role in positioning Dubai as the world’s largest re-exporter of tea.

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  • A Billion People Support Earth Day

    Earth Day Activities
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    Tea News for the week ending April 14

    | A Billion People Participate in Earth Day Activities
    Earth Day Organizers Honor Just Ice Tea Founder Seth Goldman

    | Iran Snubs India Suppliers as Tea Exports Set Record

    | Long-Running Drought in Kenya Depresses Tea Yields

    | PLUS Vahdam Tea founder Bala Sarda is launching a new line of 25 Indian spices grown free of adulterants and pesticides and manufactured without artificial colors. Initially, Vahdam spices will be sold directly to consumers and later offered in grocery stores.

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