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Well stocked tea aisle in Moscow grocery store.
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There’s Ample Tea for Sanctioned Russians

Domestic Tea Brands Close the Gap: Six months after the US and EU imposed sanctions, the tea aisles in Russian grocery stores display few European brands, but the shelves are not bare | Kenya’s Tea Industry Suffers Collateral Damage Due to Sanctions | Tata Consumer Products is on the Hunt | PLUS A conversation with Kevin Gascoyne on the Evolution of Experiential Retail evident in the reimagined and remodeled Camellia Sinensis tea house in Montreal

China drought, Hunan Province. Photo courtesy Robert Xiong
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China Heatwave Deadly to Tea and Man

China’s summer tea yields decline sharply, and autumn teas are in jeopardy | Bangladesh Tea Workers End Nationwide Strike | Study Shows Tea Drinkers Live a Little Longer
| PLUS Alan Lai, founder and CEO of ProfilePrint describes how the company’s prescriptive and predictive digital food analyzer distills in seconds sensory data from plant-based samples creating a digital fingerprint that describes the quality, origin, and composition of tea.

An activist participating in Together for H2OPE – Ukraine adds a water filter to a bucket. The initiative aims to raise $1 million to distribute water filters to more than 550,000 displaced Ukrainians. Photo by Angela Nardolillo

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Peak Holiday Season Predictions: Experts Anticipate Holiday eTailing to Top $1 Trillion | Bangladesh Tea Workers Strike Nationwide | Green Tea is Good for the Gut | PLUS Together for H2OPE | Numi Organic Tea is partnering with two organizations, Waves for Water and MPOWERD to raise $1 million to provide clean, safe drinking water and solar-powered lights and charging devices to up to 550,000 displaced Ukrainians.

Quentin Vennie

Cold-Brewed Calm

Equitea Co-founder Quentin Vennie’s condition-specific canned, cold-brewed tea blends are formulated to ease anxiety and depression, improve focus, and calm young people coping with ADHD.