Adapting to Climate Change

New study recommends motivational campaigns, demonstrations, training, and extension work to encoura
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2 responses to “Adapting to Climate Change”

  1. Very informative write up .In tea garden we should avoid using chemical fertilisers ,pesticides and weedicide in place we should start using in stepwise not abreptly.rain water harvesting and plantig of sade trees will help to make environment much better. Shade tree should be sutable for tea plantation.

  2. It’s so serious notes to take into consideration. It’s now or never. Start developing shade Bari or fuel tree bari.put hording for ‘no to hunting’ in tea sections. Plants shade trees which almost gives shade whole through the year. Provide short round of irrigation to every sections. Do not burn the nearby bush to sections. Use it for mulching in young tea or stony patches.

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