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Sooz teaching an online class

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Bottled Tea is Bouncing Back | Ready-to-drink teas in the US grew to $8 billion in 2021 | Honest Tea Co-Founder Seth Goldman Will Launch a Rival Tea Brand | Tea Parcels Contribute to Record Carrier Volume | PLUS Suzette Hammond, founder of Being Tea, describes an expanded eight-month course on how to become a brilliant tea educator.

Worker applies plant protection chemicals on Indian tea garden

Need to Know News

India Cracks Down on Teas that Fail Food Safety Standard | Tea Bushes Globally are Taking a Beating this Spring Due to Climate Change
| UK Tea Academy Announces “The Leafies” a Whole Leaf Tea Competition | PLUS Tea Journey magazine announces a new portal for tea professionals and enthusiasts and surveys readers on their needs and preferences.

Maksym Malygin

Ukraine’s Cold Weather Tea

Rising temperatures threaten tea yields and force growers to consider planting “upslope” at higher elevations where cooler temperatures prevail. Unfortunately, subtropical tea cultivars perish in a hard frost, expected above 7,500 feet. At Ukraine’s Zhornyna tea farm Maksym Malygin is successfully growing plants under forest cover that have survived heavy snow during prolonged winters at temperatures 26 below zero Celsius.

Will Battle on the unique costs of producing specialty tea.

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 41

Tea News for the Week of Oct. 29 – Fairtrade International Predicts Climate-Related Financial Disaster for Small Tea Farms | Chemical Fertilizer Supplies Disrupted | Holiday Helpers are in Short Supply | PLUS wholesaler Will Battle details the added costs of producing specialty tea.