Grassroots Tea

Equifarm tea is a new brand with deep roots. In 2017 New Delhi-based Grassroots Tea Corp. first shar
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9 responses to “Grassroots Tea”

    • It’s heartening to see and they have their own brand too. The people working in the small tea farms in Assam needs to get equal wages like their counterparts in the organised sector.

  1. This is truly a wonderful initiative! It’s high time small tea growers get their due. We need to buy, spread the word, and support this.

  2. I see lot of possibilities in transforming livelihoods of smallholder tea chain in India… The Grassroots Tea Corporation (GTC) is beginning towards equity, social and economic justice initiative in tea sector… We must campaign of many more such innovative action s for the poor and vulnerable… The CEC is the first NGO worked for STGs since 2005-2006 onwards and the active role of J John in particular.

    • Workers working in small tea farms need to get equal wages and benefits from govt schemes like their counterparts in the organised sector. The day this is done, one will find the tea industry going up.

  3. We feel proud to be a owner of unit and being able to be a part of value chain. This will definitely sustain small tea growers.?????

  4. Thanks Mr. Roopak for the enlightening story. Thanks for communicating the innovative venture by farmers to a wider audience.

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