The Rise of India’s New Tea Lands

Rajiv Lochan is the founder of the Doke Tea Estate in Bihar, a non-traditional tea-growing region bo
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2 responses to “The Rise of India’s New Tea Lands”

  1. One thing that needs to be remembered while expanding New Tea Lands, current quality particularly in the domestic market is poor and deteriorating each year.
    50% + of Indian teas now come from small growers who have particularly after Corana epidemic have resorted to leading their small holdings to Agents (green leaf suppliers) whose policy it to have the fastest returns on their leased payments. Pruning, fertiliser application are secondary to them so is fine leaf harvesting.
    Quality teas can only be made with a proper 3/4 years pruning cycle in combination with proper plucking rounds and fine leaf count over 55% at least.
    Domestic budget as was rightfully pointed remains at a unsustainable ?200/- per household forces BLFs to source the cheapest leaf to produce average quality. Giving rise to adding flavours to get the teas to be acceptable to consumers as a beverage. Masala teas, lemon teas etc teas are mostly of the added flavour. Where has the real taste and heady aroma of tea gone?
    We need to get back to proper tea plantation practices and let markets concentrate on quantity teas!

  2. Rajiv Lochan is such a visionary and dedicated his 4 decades in improving the quality of tea and developing new area in Bihar.He had been an Indian ambassador of spreading the flavour of Indian tea in China as I have seen him participating regularly in seminars and events in China.I wish him great success in his future endeavours ?

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