• India Tea Board Weighs Auditor Concerns | Overindulgence and High ABV Tea | Tea Stalwart: India’s Oldest Captive Elephant Dies

    Tea Board Weighs Auditor Concerns: Additional Resources Needed to Market Tea

    | Overindulgence and High ABV Tea
    | Tea Stalwart: India’s Oldest Captive Elephant Dies

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    Tea is intricately woven into India’s cultural tapestry. In its latest marketing campaign, Tata Tea Premium acknowledges and elevates several of the Indian state’s distinctive patterns in fabric and symbols of pride, drawing attention to the tea company’s extensive range of hyperlocal blends. Tata tells the story of extraordinary weavers by digitally enhancing their homespun artistry in an interactive tribute to handlooms. Aravinda Anantharaman reports on this eye-catching effort.

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    Tata’s latest TV for its premium line of tea features a celebrated singer at the heart of great campaigns that evoke nationalistic pride and emotion, which ties in with what Chai means to people across the country.
    NEWS131-G20 Delegates Tea Board India pavilion Experience Zone
    G20 Delegates visit the Tea Board India Pavilion Experience Zone on Aug. 25.

    Limited Resources Restrain Marketing Efforts by Tea Board

    By Dan Bolton

    A Parliamentary committee is reviewing concerns raised in a report by India’s auditor general that identified lapses in enforcing tea industry regulations by the Tea Board of India.

    The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) audit, titled “The Role of Tea Board India in the Development of Tea in India,” reviewed board activities during a five-year period ending in fiscal 2022.

    Auditors drew attention to these concerns:·       

    • The board’s inability to curb smuggled tea and tea untraceable to origin used for blending for sale in domestic markets.·       
    • The lack of a “well-defined strategy” to register growers (large and small). In March 2021, 38% of small growers were unregistered.·       
    • Failure to monitor tea processing facilities by conducting timely inspections and laboratory testing.·       
    • Lack of a database to track yield per hectare, labor productivity, new plantings, aging tree stock, and distribution of cultivars.
    • In addition, a mandate to auction 50% of the country’s tea was not enforced. Auditors found that most registered buyers did not purchase tea at auction.
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