Sorry Mom, but It’s Good to Dunk

TWEET: You finally have permission to act like a kid. Dunking cookies in tea is good. Thank you scie
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4 responses to “Sorry Mom, but It’s Good to Dunk”

  1. I like to dunk a buiscuit in a cup of tea..made Wid milk and it realy change the taste of buiscuit..

  2. Re:your call out to “And tea biscuit and cookie producers?”:
    Our company, Biscottea, has been quietly making dunkable biscuits to enhance tea drinking, producing shortbread baked WITH actual teas in them since 2007…..and can confirm that after selling over 3,000,000 pieces in 16 countries that there is indeed a keen market that understands what Heston Blumenthal was investigating. Checkout the Food Networks “Unwrapped” feature on dunking with tea from 2008

    • Thanks Laurance for your comment. I remember reviewing your product back in early 2009 for my Tea Pages blog and I have to tell you that my husband just picked up a couple of boxes about two weeks ago from a local gourmet food shop. It’s always great to see an interesting product using tea as an ingredient. And, yes, we always dunk.

  3. Have you ever paired tea and chocolate? Take a sip of quality tea to warm your mouth and then a bit of great quality chocolate – heaven!!!

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