Brewing methods continue to evolve at both extremes. Last month I wrote about semi-automated $6,000
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3 responses to “Immerset”

  1. Last time I checked, the ONLY tea that brews in 90 seconds is dust and fannings grade. No one brewing whole leaf does that, that I am aware of.

  2. I was surprised at the speed of the whole leaf infusion as well but demonstrations from both The Bkon® TX and Steampunk machines were convincing. In each case they rely on mixing chambers in which the temperature of the water is regulated to one tenth of a degree and agitation is specific to each tea (all programmed as one-touch buttons in the brewer). The secret is agitation of the leaves in the glass brewing chamber which speeds extraction without harming the flavor/aroma. Once the tea is brewed it is drained, and the chamber is then flushed with hot water to discard leaves and remove any trace of previous blend. This link to my June post will fill you in on the details:

    The drawback is the expense of these machines but they are designed for operations in a drive-thru coffee shop where annual sales top $1.2 million and both speed and quality are essential to repeat business.

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