Gathering for Tea: Festivals and Fun

As interest in tea has grown in the United States and Canada, the number of tea festivals and other
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One response to “Gathering for Tea: Festivals and Fun”

  1. Sylvia and I went to World Tea East two years in a row to represent RateTea, when this expo was in Philly, and then this year I went to the very different Philadelphia Coffee and Tea Festival, just registering as an individual.

    I’m not quite sure how many festivals I’m going to get to this year. To be honest, location is a big issue for me. It’s not just a question of how close it is, it’s a question of whether it’s a place that I want to go. I’d love to get to the main World Tea Expo, but Vegas and Long Beach are not places that are on my list of places I am itching to go. I could be very happy if I die without ever setting foot in either of the LA or Vegas metro areas. I even lived in San Diego for a few months and during that time, never got up to LA. On the other hand, I’ve been itching to explore the Pacific Northwest, and I am always looking for excuses to travel to the Midwest.

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