• 2020 International Virtual Tea Festival

    Nicole Burris puts on a good show. During the past few years, she has applied her expertise in live events to successfully launch the Kansas City and Chicago Tea Festivals – both unforeseeably canceled this year due to the pandemic.

    In their place, Burris and Babette Donaldson teamed up to combine the two local shows into the more expansive 2020 International Virtual Tea Festival. The festival goes live at 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 7, and continues through Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m., Nov. 8. Registration is free with 1,500 signed up through October. The deadline to register is 6 p.m. Nov. 6. All times are CST. Since the event attracts a global following times for registered attendees will be listed according to the settings of their personal computer or phone.

    The two-day event features free and paid workshops and classes with real-time tastings “simulcast” into the homes of participants. The Tea Lover Pass ($25) sold out quickly along with the Deluxe Tea Lover Pass ($37) but there are many more activities including roundtable discussions, panels with tea professionals, virtual book signings with tea authors, a candlelight tea meditation with Suzette Hammond and the Tea Bloggers Roundtable to keep the crowd entertained.

    On Saturday and Sunday there are live raffles and tea themed tea parties.

    Attendees register here, creating an account that gives them access to events and a virtual vendor show floor. Access links are emailed to attendees who can then sign up for paid classes and workshops. Payment is by credit card. Donaldson advises that “you MUST have at least a free General Admission pass in order to take any classes or watch any pre-recorded free classes. There will be no refunds possible if you purchase a class without having a GA pass to the event itself.”

    Classes may be purchased on the festival’s Shopify site

    Meet and Greet Attendees

    One of the more appealing features of this event is the visibility of attendee profiles

    Use this option to schedule MeetUps with speakers, bloggers, vendors, or random enthusiasts. Meet old friends and make new friends in tea. Meetings can be scheduled in advance of the event. Attendees can also schedule visits to vendor booths during the hours they are open for business.

    Paid livestream classes are recorded and available to watch on-demand until Jan 31, 2021. The All Classes Recorded package includes all the recordings of the free Main Stage | Free pre-recorded sessions | Paid pre-recorded presentations “and as many of the paid livestream classes as we can secure permission to include,” says Donaldson.

    “Tea business owners, staff, and individuals seeking to master the many facets of tea can take part for months to come, organizing content to serve their needs.”

    Babette Donaldson

    Donaldson is responsible for programming. Burris is overseeing administrative tasks and working with the more than 40 vendors that purchased virtual booths.

    “The event features 30 livestream classes, some pre-recorded, some live,” says Donaldson who manages the International Tea Sippers Society and owns T Ching, a tea education blog.

    “A dozen of the livestream classes are tasting events where guests received kits in advance to prepare their tea along with the group,” she said. Registered attendees number 1,500 so far and include guests from Japan, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, China, India and more,” she said.

    Link to the festival bookstore. Meet authors James Norwood Pratt, Jane Pettigrew, Kevin Gascoyne, Judith Leavitt and Dr. Virginia Utermohlen-Lovelace for a chat.

    A Friday night pre-show social begins at 6:15 p.m.

    A limited number of $25 Tea Lover Passes are sold out, but class slots remain.


    FRIDAY – Nov 6
    Friday Night Pre-Show Tea Social
    7 PM – 8 PM
    SATURDAY – Nov 7
    Opening Remarks & Announcement of ITCC Tasting Contest Winners
    9 AM – 9:30 AM
    Field to Cup (Shalini Agarwal)
    9:30 AM
    Japanese Ceramics (Gabriela Sorgenrey)
    10: 30 AM
    Tea in the Era of Climate Change (James Orrock)
    11 AM
    The First US Tea Festivals (James Norwood Pratt)
    Golden Ticket Drawing Winner
    12:30 PM
    Tour Malwatte Valley Tea Estate
    12:45 PM
    Introduction to Japanese Tea (Spanish – Ricardo Caciedo)
    1 PM
    Growing for the Better – Organic Tea Projects (Daniel Mack)
    2 PM
    Good Tea Needs Good Water: Understanding Water Quality (Rie Tulali)
    3 PM
    Korean Tea (Sharyn Johnston)
    4 PM
    Tea Blogger Roundtable: Blogging Through A Brave New World
    5 PM – 7 PM

    Why We’re Craving Tea in the Time of Corona (Maria Uspenski)
    Understanding Japanese Tea Types (Ian Chun)
    10 AM – 11 AM
    Blending In to Stand Out: An Exploration of Unique Tea Blends (Leo Nima)
    A Day in the Life of a Tea Garden (Nishchal Banskota)
    11 AM – 12 PM
    Afternoon Tea: How Did This Eccentric Ritual Evolve (Jane Pettigrew)
    A Deeper Look into China’s Teas (Tim Smith and Lydia Kung)
    How We Experience the Flavor of Tea (Virginia Utermohlen)
    New Zealand Tea (Agnieszka Rapacz)
    1 PM – 2 PM
    Pu-er Tea: Immersion & Tasting (Dan Robertson)
    15 Teas Every Tea Lover Should Taste (Lorna Reeves)
    2 PM – 3 PM
    Cooking with Tea: How to Infuse Your Recipes (Marlys & Alan Arnold)
    Opening Remarks & Announcement of ITCC Tasting Contest Winners
    3 PM – 4 PM
    Discover Your Own Tea Blend (Brenda Hedrick)
    A Word On Japanese Black Teas (Gabriela Sorgenfrey)
    4 PM – 5 PM
    Tea Cocktails (Agnieszka Rapacz)
    Terroir and Cultivars of Japanese Green Tea (Akiko Ono)
    5 PM – 6 PM
    Candlelight Tea Meditation (Suzette Hammond)
    How to Enjoy Tamaryokucha (Tomoe Watanabe)
    6 PM – 7 PM

    SUNDAY – Nov 8
    Health Benefits of Japanese Teas (Tomoe Watanabe)
    9 AM – 10 AM
    History of Matcha & Japanese Tea Ceremony (Asami Iba)
    10 AM
    Live Raffle (Must be present to win)
    10: 30 AM
    Drinking Tea at the Activist Teahouse (Panel Discussion)
    11 AM
    New European Tea Growers (Jane Pettigrew)
    Matcha: Fact or Fiction (Noli Ergas)
    1 PM
    Early Days of Specialty Tea (Roy Fong)
    2 PM
    Musicali Tea (Dr. Sally Wei)
    2:30 PM
    Virtual WuWo Ceremony
    3:30 PM
    Closing Ceremony
    4 PM

    The Perfect Tea Tasting Event (Jane Pettigrew)
    Darjeeling Tea in Harmony With Seasons (Shalini Agarwal)
    9 AM – 10 AM
    What is Caffeine & What is it Doing in your Tea? (Virginia Utermohlen)
    The Health Benefits of Tea & Tea Rituals (Emilie Jackson)
    10 AM – 11 AM
    How Mississippi Sunshine – Yellow Tea is Made (Stacie Robertson)
    Women in Tea (Nishchal Banskota)
    11 AM – 12 PM
    The Real Skinny on Tea and Weight Loss (Jane Pettigrew)
    A Deeper Look into China’s Teas (Tim Smith and Lydia Kung)
    Hosting a Tea-Themed Party (Erika Shandoff)
    A Study of Ceylon Black Tea (Lalilth Paranavitana)
    1 PM – 2 PM
    Essentials of Tea Tasting (Suzette Hammond)
    Foundations of Professional Tea Cupping (Dan Robertson)
    2 PM – 3 PM
    Tea & Scones with Friends (Brenda Hedrick)
    Examining Elevation-Oxidation-Roasting Taiwan Teas (David Campbell)
    3 PM – 4 PM
    Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong | Hundreds of Aromas (Rainy Huang)
    The Rise of Single Estate Japanese Tea (Oscar Brekell)
    4 PM – 5 PM
    All About Earl Grey (Molly Nesham)
    Introduction to Puer Teas (Jeffrey McIntosh)
    5 PM – 6 PM

    Donaldson and Burris organized the Chicago Tea Festival in November 2019 and worked together on the Kansas City Tea Festival. The parent company is Taste All the Teas at www.teafestivals.org | Email: [email protected]

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  • Nomad Tea Festival

    Inclusive Tea Community Building — Virtually

    Organizers of the Nomad Tea Festival this weekend are joyfully building on a gathering in July that attracted more than 550 tea lovers from 59 countries. Lead by tea enthusiasts in Europe, this more ambitious two-day virtual event brings together a diverse, talented, and very tech-savvy cadre of tea experts, educators, entertainers, and vendors.

    A 16-hour pre-show begins at midnight Friday, Oct. 23 (Central European Summer (Daylight Savings) Time – UTC+2). On Saturday, Oct. 24, the festival launches its live programming at 4 p.m. (CEST) and runs until midnight. The festival offers 15 free workshops and several paid events. Sunday marks the change from daylight savings to standard time, turning back the clock. On Sunday festival activities begin at 2 p.m. (CET). The festival ends at 10 p.m.

    Use World Time Buddy (free) to determine start times in your time zone. (The schedule on the Nomad Festival page will magically convert time zones when you register. Since Tea Biz circulates to readers in 140 nations, to keep listings simple all times in this post are CEST or CET).

    Watch a mix of free and paid programming, chat with fellow tea lovers globally, visit virtual tea booths to speak with vendors during appointed hours and stick around for the PARTEAS on Saturday and Sunday. Attendees in anticipation of the event pre-recorded short videos to introduce themselves during the opening-night party and describe their love of tea.

    Our mission is to build an inclusive tea community by connecting, engaging, and uplifting the diverse tea communities of the world.

    Nomad Tea Festival

    Click here for TEAkets. General admission is €5.00
    General admission + replay is €15.00
    TEAkets to attend paid workshops range from €20-55.00
    Attending PARTEAS and visiting the Tea Market is free.
    Tea Market Vendors click here. RSVP for one of three PARTEAS here.

    Learn more: YouTube channel | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

    Xenia Blanco and Soo Chung are co-directors of the Nomad Tea Festival Europe, coordinating a global TEAm inspired to re-connect the many millions of tea lovers separated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “So many tea events had to announce heartbreaking cancellations, affecting thousands of people from small tea farmers to tea passionate fans,” said Blanco. Events that bring the tea community together are more than simple entertainment, she explains. The festival was created to enhance the overall ecosystem for the global tea community. Virtual events reduce unnecessary cost and waste and bureaucracy. The Nomad Tea Festival is transparent, appeals to tea lovers around the world via a broad range of social media and digital channels and creates opportunities for people interested in tea, she says

    Here is the two-day schedule:

    Oct 24 4:15PM–4:45PM · Stage
    Japan, More Than Green Tea ? Priscila Vázquez Ruilova
    Oct 24 5:00PM–5:45PM · Stage
    Tea Cocktails? Susanne Lang
    Oct 24 6:00PM–7:00PM · Stage
    Indian Tea – History & Pairing ? Susmita Das Gupta
    Oct 24 7:15PM–8:00PM · Stage
    Japanese Tea Ceremony, Omotesenke ? Alba Ameller
    Oct 24 8:15PM-9:00PM
    Tea Book Club Tea Partea | Teabookclub
    Oct 24 9:00PM–10:00PM · Sessions
    PAID: The Tea Journey to Nomad Cultures Through Tea Horse Trade Route
    Oct 24 9:00PM–10:00PM · Stage
    Getting to Know Your Bes-Teas ? Mike Cuevas
    Oct 24 10:00PM–10:45PM · Stage
    Introduction to Sencha ? Ricardo Caicedo
    Oct 24 11:00PM–12:00AM · Stage
    Midnight Tea Party ? Kyle Whittington (Tea Book Club)

    Oct 25 2:15PM–3:00PM · Stage
    Evolution of Tea Drinking History ? Isilay Aktas
    Oct 25 3:00PM–4:00PM · Stage
    How to Source Tea ? Matt Hopkins
    Oct 25 4:00PM–5:00PM · Stage
    The Most Boring Tea Business Talk Ever ? Ian Chun
    Oct 25 5:15PM–6:00PM · Stage
    Japanese Tea in Japan and Europe? Simona Zavadckyte & Anna Poian
    Oct 25 6:00PM–7:00PM · Sessions
    PAID: Old Trees in China ? Michal Butor
    Oct 25 7:00PM–7:45PM · Stage
    Heat Sources and Kettles for Tea ? Admar de Bruin
    Oct 25 7:45PM–7:55PM · Stage
    Music for Tea ? Kuzma Bogdanov
    Oct 25 8:00PM–9:15PM · Sessions
    Yoga Explorations With Ma (?) ? Moé Kishida
    Oct 25 9:00PM–10:00PM · Stage
    Finale Tea Partea ? Soo Chung & Xenia Blanco

    Thirsty for more: Soo Chung is hosting the Nomad Tea Festival – Korea in December 2020.

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  • Q|A with World Tea Expo’s New Owners – Need to Know

    It’s only been a week but Penton Group President Fred Linder was gracious in answering five questions on the future of the World Tea Expo and its ancillary business ventures. Linder will oversee World Tea Expo as part of Penton Exhibition Services which supports more than 100 events across five sectors. Linder also runs the company’s New Hope Network.

    LOGO-PentonPenton is a large business-to-business publishing company based in New York. It’s flagship tradeshows include Natural Products Expo (West and East) and the Multi-Unit Food Service Operators Conference. The company also publishes Nation’s Restaurant News, Natural Foods Merchandiser and Supermarket News.

    In announcing the acquisition Linder retained the core team that includes Event Manager Samantha Hammer Mitchell, Education Program Manager Monique Hatchett, Customer Service Manager Edie Gillette and Tea Academy Director of Online Education Donna Fellman. Hammer Mitchell is a former Penton event manager. Click here for details of the sale.

    Tea Biz: Mr. Linder please share your vision for World Tea Expo and its ancillary educational program, competitions, industry awards and newsletter.

    Fred Linder

    Linder: It’s a bit too soon for me to articulate a strategy for the individual part of the business.

    We bought World Tea Media because we like the Tea category and we feel that we can help the industry grow as we have proven in other Food sectors, most notably in the Natural Products industry.

    I also think that World Tea Expo is a better fit inside of Penton. We will work with the leadership within the Tea group to evaluate what is working and what may need improvement.

    Tea Biz: The tea community wryly observes “there are beverages, and there is tea. They are not the same thing.” During recent years the Expo floor was opened to many classes of beverages from artichoke, coconut and vitamin water to liquid herbal supplements. Will that continue?

    Linder: Again, that will be determined in conjunction with the Tea leadership team. From a very general point of view, I am not a fan of diluting, but I also don’t think it’s an all or nothing approach. We have an excellent track record in other industries of making sure that attendees and exhibitors have an authentic experience that is aligned with their and the industry’s expectations, while still allowing for growth and innovation. Authenticity is key.

    LOGO-WorldTeaExpoTea Biz: The Expo is noted for an exceptional educational program seen by industry veterans as catering mainly to those who want to get into the business. What will Penton do to entice the best and brightest veteran retailers, wholesalers and exporters to attend and share their insights and expertise both from the podium and casually on the exhibition floor? Vendors realized more sales and bigger sales in the past. Attracting premium buyers to the event is the tide that lifts all boats. How will Penton draw quality buyers to the event?

    Linder: We have an excellent database across Penton and deep experience with education, most notably, for innovators and entrepreneurs. In addition, our marketing capabilities are second to none. By combining these disciplines with the expertise within the Tea team we will create a winning formula for growth in both quality and quantity. Ultimately, the success of any show is about the right attendees having the right conversations with the right exhibitors through a mix of networking and a vibrant education program.

    Tea Biz: Will Penton through its North American Tea Competition take a leadership role in defining and advancing standards for specialty tea?

    Linder: At this point I don’t know enough to answer this question. We did have standards programs in other businesses so we are experienced in the mechanics of what that could look like, but what Penton’s role in that might be is an unknown to me at this time.

    I will say that although we have owned the business for only a week, I am really impressed by the staff and their enthusiasm and passion for the business and the industry. I will rely on their expertise and guidance a lot on where and how Penton will best fit into aid and abet in the growth of the category.

    There’s much to learn, but through our broad experience with education, content trade shows, combined with an understanding of the food and food retailing sectors it will be a very exciting time for all of us. I am very bullish on the future.


    Fredrik M. Linder is an expert in natural products and the health and wellness arena and has a passion for the industry and its mission. Fred’s industry relationships are deep, which allows him to understand where all of the companies and products fit together, how they are trending and gives him direct access to the top leaders in the industry who look to him as a sounding board. He was instrumental in the development of Penton’s data and insight products for the natural products industry. Fred also runs Penton Event Services supporting all Penton best in class events. In addition, Fred is responsible for Club Industry, LDI and the newly acquired World Tea Media assets. Fred serves on several boards including SISO and the Company Council of IADSA (International Alliance for Dietary Supplement Associations). In the past he served on the boards of the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, The Coalition to Preserve DSHEA, Bastyr University, and The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance. In addition to New Hope and the Penton Exhibitions Services team, Fred oversees Club Industry and Live Design. Prior, he was employed with Meredith Corporation, Capital Cities/ABC and Universal Media.

    Fredrik M. Linder
    Group President, Lifestyle & Penton Exhibition Services

    [email protected]

    ? ? ?

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  • Penton Acquires World Tea Expo – Need to Know

    World Tea Expo was acquired last week by Penton, a large New York based business-to-business publishing company with a portfolio of trade events serving the natural food industry.

    LOGO-WorldTeaExpoThe transition of the tradeshow, the North American Tea Championship, the World Tea Academy and World Tea News from Ohio-based F+W Media, A Content + eCommerce Company is underway. Terms were not disclosed.

    Penton announced that Group President Fred Linder will oversee World Tea Expo as part of Penton Exhibition Services which supports more than 100 Penton events across five sectors. Linder also runs the company’s New Hope Network.

    LOGO-Penton“An essential element of our strategy is to focus on high-growth sectors and extend leadership positions. World Tea Media is at the forefront of the U.S. tea industry and is poised to double its size over the next five years,” said Linder. “This portfolio of events and digital products perfectly complements our assets. We have the ability to nurture and grow entrepreneurial businesses through our understanding of consumer behavior, product innovation, future trends and exceptional relationships,” he said.

    “The show will remain a standalone with World Tea Media operating as a separate entity,” said Kate Spellman, Chief Marketing Officer at Penton.

    Key staff members were retained including Event Manager Samantha Hammer Mitchell, Education Program Manager Monique Hatchett, Customer Service Manager Edie Gillette and Tea Academy Director of Online Education Donna Fellman. Hammer Mitchell is a former Penton event manager.

    “We’re excited to work with the team at World Tea Media to further extend their value as an information resource for the global tea industry, with an emphasis on the growing specialty, premium tea and healthy beverage segments,” said Linder.

    Penton dominates the publishing sector for marketers of natural consumer packaged goods brands, retailers, suppliers, and investors. The Natural Products Expo East and West tradeshows have grown by 20%, according to the release. There were 2,700 exhibiting companies and 634 first-time exhibitors in 2015.

    LOGO-NaturalProductsExpoWestNatural Products West annually draws more than 75,000 attendees to Anaheim. Expo West and the smaller Natural Products East currently host a big selection of tea vendors, many of whom previously exhibited at World Tea Expo. The list of more than 200 exhibiting tea companies includes AOI, Argo Tea, Bigelow, Choice Organic, Davidson’s Organic, Harney & Sons, Hain Celestial, Inko’s Tea, Mighty Leaf, Stash Tea Co., Steaz, Teapigs, Traditional Medicinals, Third Street Chai, Twinings, and Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. Click here for a list of tea exhibitors at the March 2016 Expo West. Click here to see a list of tea exhibitors scheduled to attend the June 2016 World Tea Expo.

    The Penton press release explains the company “has created a formula to nurture and grow innovative entrepreneurial businesses in emerging markets into large retailers with mass distribution. Penton also has the ability to tap into large food manufacturers through its leading food brands — Multi-Unit Food Service Operators Conference (MUFSO), Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) and Supermarket News.

    Penton will combine its learning’s from both the natural products and food marketplaces to accelerate the growth of tea and beverage companies, according to the release. Penton is a private company owned by MidOcean Partners and Wasserstein & Co., LP. The company “empowers nearly 20 million business decision makers in markets that drive more than 12 trillion dollars in purchases each year,” according to the release.

    Jim Ogle, acting CEO at F+W said that when the company acquired World Tea Media “we set our sights on healthy beverage, coffee, and food markets. However, our core competency has been and will remain in our enthusiast, niche communities. We know the World Tea brand and our team is going to be a great fit with our colleagues at Penton.”

    F+W is experiencing a reorganization following the departure of Chairman and CEO David Nussbaum. Founded as a traditional publisher, since 2008 F+W has grown its ecommerce business from one store and $6 million in revenue to 31 individual ecommerce stores with expected revenue in excess of $65 million for 2015, according to an interview with Nussbaum in Publishing Executive.

    World Tea Expo launched a dozen years ago in Las Vegas. It was operated by George and Kim Frost Jage for a decade before they sold to F+W in January 2012. The couple continued to manage the event through 2013. Two years ago the show moved to Long Beach, Calif., where the latest edition was produced last May.

    World Tea on the Road scheduled for Oct. 10-11 in Boston was canceled. The next roadshow is a Chicago event scheduled for Nov. 7-8. Click here to register.

    Ten years ago the show was among the fastest growing in the U.S. Exhibitors numbered more than 300 and attendance topped 5,000 but has since declined. Expo retained a reputation for superior retail training and its educational program however and has spawned several related services including the widely distributed weekly World Tea News, tea championships and tea academy.

    World Tea Expo

    The next Expo will return to Las Vegas June 15-17, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Pre-conference programs begin June 13-14. There are currently 150 exhibitors listed for the show. World Tea Expo focuses on the premium tea segment including Chinese, Taiwan, Indian and Korean exhibitors as well as many U.S. based tea vendors. Firms purchasing significant space on the show floor include International Tea Importers (ITI), Teas Etc., QTrade Teas & Herbs and similar mid-sized tea importers and blenders. Attendees include buyers with purchasing influence representing grocery chains, mass merchandisers, independent retailers, tea shops and coffee houses from the U.S. and 46 countries.

    World Tea Academy

    An online tea certification and education program for professionals launched in 2014. It is managed by Donna Fellman. The program has graduated 233 students from 29 countries. The majority who enroll are from the U.S. and Canada. Courses cost $325 to $400. “Test only” certifications are $125. There is a core curriculum presenting courses on essentials and advanced courses. Some of the more popular are the biochemistry of tea, presentation and blending, and understanding tea culture.

    North American Tea Championships

    The next competition is the 2015 Packaged Single Service Class which for the first time will accept K-Cups. The entry deadline is Oct. 30. Click here for a list of the Spring Harvest Class winners July 30-31.

    World Tea News

    Launched in 2005, the newsletter was distributed to 2,000 readers every two weeks. Founder George Jage described a mission “to deliver clear, concise updates on trends, breaking news and product releases. Buyers have limited time and they need brief but focused information to best understand this increasingly popular and powerful beverage category,” he said. The newsletter was re-launched in 2011 with delivery to 14,000 readers. The next weekly issue is scheduled for delivery Tuesday.

    Sources: World Tea Media, F+W, Penton.

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    Tea Biz serves a core audience of beverage professionals in the belief that insightful journalism informs good decision-making in business. Tea Biz reports what matters along the entire supply chain, emphasizing trustworthy sources and sound market research while discarding fluff and ignoring puffery.

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  • It’s Tea Festival Season – Need to Know

    Festival season is underway with great events scheduled in Sydney, Dublin and Vancouver…

    Western Tea Festivals launched in the past couple of years are drawing crowds of 5,000 to 7,000. Events in major cities across the globe introduce consumers to tea customs and styles. Educational programs are popular with experts sharing methods of preparation while discussing processing techniques and origin.

    Retailers typically organize these events in cooperation with local governments and tea marketing associations. Financial support from tea wholesalers, brewing and service ware manufacturers make it possible to keep admission prices low.

    Here is a quick recap of shows in the weeks ahead:

    Sydney Tea Festival – Aug. 16, 2015

    LOGO-SydneyTeaFestivalThis event, co-founded by retailers Renee Creer and Corinne Smith, follows the 2014 debut.  Organizers expect 7,000 to attend a tea market with 50 stalls, tea education program and to take home $4 souvenir tea tasting cups (for samples).

    New workshop sessions include tea and dessert pairing with Black Star Pastry and how to create your own chai with the Sticky Chai boys. There’s also the brew lounge where you can kick back and listen to music while sipping a cuppa.

    The Australian tea drinkers’ palate is improving as they are trading up basic black tea for more premium and loose leaf teas, notes Corinne Smith, co-founder and owner of The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar. Creer, who owns Perfect South Green Tea, said the festival “celebrates what specialty tea in Australia is all about – quality, diversity and creativity. Whether you’re a long term tea fanatic or just starting to dabble with tea, we’ve covered all the bases for you.”

    Australians spent $384 million on 7.7 billion cups of tea last year. “Tea is trending in Australia at the moment and the success of last year’s festival is a testament to that,” said Smith.

    Sydney Tea Festival
    Festival: Carriageworks
    245 Wilson St., Eveleigh
    Workshops: Yamma Dhiyaan Training Center
    255 Wilson St., Eveleigh

    Hours: Sunday 9 am – 4 pm

    Learn more: www.sydneyteafestival.com.au and for those too distant to make the trip follow the festivities at www.facebook/sydteafestival (Facebook) www.instagram.com/sydteafestival (Instagram) www.twitter.com/sydteafestival (Twitter), and www.youtube.com/sydteafestival (YouTube)

    Sydney Tea Festival
    Sydney Tea Festival 2014

    Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival – Sept. 11-13, 2015

    LOGO-Dublin Coffee & Tea FestivalIrish Foodservice Suppliers Alliance (IFSA) and the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE- Irish branch) are again hosting the three-day Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival.

    The event in the RDS Industries Hall attracts the industry’s leading Irish tea brands, such as Mrs. Doyles Tea Company, Niks Tea and Solaris along with stands from Lily’s Tea Shop, Bewley’s Coffee and Tea Company and Koyu Matcha Green Tea.  The inaugural event drew 5,700 visitors with 93% indicating they would return in 2015.

    Dublin is the site of the World Barista Championships in 2016, an event that will bring competitors from 65 countries. With the Irish palate now as sophisticated as our European counterparts, and a vibrant café culture growing all the time, this year’s show features a great mix of exhibitors, education, entertainment and competitions.

    Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival - 2014
    Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival 2014

    These include the SCAE Brew School where visitors will be shown how to use different brewing methods; the National Home Barista Championships; and The Food Village for Artisan food and beverage suppliers whose products compliments the coffee and tea drinking experience. And, following on once again from the success of last year’s show, there will be a series of fringe events with all features open to commercial sponsorship opportunities.

    Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival

    Industries Hall of the RDS Dublin 4

    Hours: Friday, Noon – 7 pm
    Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm | Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
    Admission: €10.40 (children free)
    Three-day pass: €15.40

    Learn more: www.dublincoffeefestival.com and for those too distant to make the trip follow the festivities at https://www.facebook.com/dublincoffeeandteafestival  (Facebook) https://twitter.com/DublinCoffeeTea  (Twitter)

    Vancouver Tea Festival – Nov. 21, 2015

    LOGO-VancouverTeaFestivalThe Vancouver Tea Society (VTS) is a non-profit that previously hosted a 2013 festival on Vancouver Island.  This year the event moves to the Croatian Cultural Centre, East Vancouver.

    The 2013 event drew 3,500 attendees.

    “Vancouver has assuredly become a city of ‘foodies’ – a city with discerning, diverse, and increasingly sophisticated tastes in food and drink. Until relatively recently, however, tea was something of an afterthought on the Vancouver scene – overshadowed, among other things, by the city’s reputation as a haven for coffee lovers. But no longer,” write organizers. “We at the Vancouver Tea Society believe the time has come to showcase specialty tea in all its splendour to Vancouver, and to British Columbia as a whole.”

    VTS hosts bi-monthly tea events including focused tastings and educational sessions. Net proceeds are donated to local charities. “We resolutely believe tea can be a force for tremendous good, and giving back to the city in which we live and work elides perfectly with the social, communitarian ethos that imbues tea culture,” according to VTS, which is managed by a board of five directors active within the local tea industry.

    Exhibitors include Thay Tea, Tea Sparrow, O5 Tea, Young Mountain Tea, My Matcha Life, Amoda Tea, Trudy Ann’s Chai, ICHIYO’s Matcha Tea Bar and JusTea. Tables are $450. Email [email protected] for LOGO-VancouverTeaSocietydetails.

    Vancouver Tea Festival
    3250 Commercial Dr., East Vancouver
    Hours: Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

    Learn more at: www.vancouverteafestival.ca and for those too distant to make the trip follow the festivities at https://twitter.com/VanTeaFestival (Twitter) https://instagram.com/vanteasociety/ (Instagram) and https://www.facebook.com/VanTeaSociety (Facebook)

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