Estate-Direct Tea Retail at Scale

Rudra Chatterjee, the dynamic managing director of Luxmi Tea, has expanded and diversified the vener
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3 responses to “Estate-Direct Tea Retail at Scale”

  1. Direct to Consumer ,if done offline, by setting up TEA JUNCTIONS in high streets where one can be exposed to Quality Tea Drinking – original/Blend/ Flavoured at reasonable rates ,in different eco-friendly cup ,in different cup sizes ,with trained young staff then it can create a Benchmark for all Producers to launch similar/different setups in all Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities, Railway Stations .

    This will help Industry to get feedback directly from consumer , advertising through word of mouth user experience and sale of Tea through subscription model too…

    These Tea Junctions can be set up in partnership/ franchisee model with Entrepreneurs aspiring to build up their Enterprises in Tea ….

  2. Interesting talk very important and futuristic. Will succeed as you reach the consumer with fresh products.

  3. Dear Sir, I have read this article; very impressive to me. I have 40 years of experience in tea plantations in India, Uganda, and Tanzania. Are there any opportunities in East Africa for work?
    With Regards

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