Darjeeling Continues to Seek Board Interventions

Sale 5 | Ep 103 | 28 January 2023

Darjeeling tea planters have expressed concerns over the rampant influx of teas from Nepal for several years. Disappointed to see no allocation in the Union Budget, planters and their supporters in Parliament urged the Tea Board of India and the Commerce Ministry to control imports from Nepal while ensuring proper food safety (FSSAI) checks.

? Nilgiris small tea farmers face losses following recent heavy frost, which has hampered harvest.
? Good demand at auctions in Kolkata and Cochin

India Price Watch by Aravinda Anantharaman
Tea plantation in Jeju Island, South Korea. Photo by Artem Orlyanskiy (Aracle) | Dreamstime

Sale 5 – 21 January 2023

Darjeeling tea planters have resumed their demands to control imports from Nepal. Member of the Parliament from Darjeeling, Raju Bista, raised the issues concerning unchecked imports and lack of sufficient testing of these teas, which is having a significant impact on the GI-protected Darjeeling tea. The response is that the tea board will ensure that the directives related to declaring the origin of imports, storing imported tea, and properly labeling the origin of tea in the blend are done. – Telegraph of India

Farmers have claimed severe financial losses in the Nilgiris following the recent severe frost. Media reports say that tea gardens saw severe damage to the bushes. The harvest has been affected, and they are seeking compensation from the government.

Tea Prices

Sale 5 saw 11,345 tons of tea on offer at auctions with an average price of Rs 140 per kilo. This is a slightly higher volume compared to 2022 and 2021. The top three grades are BP, BOPSM, and BOP, followed by various Dust and Fanning grades. 

Kolkata saw good demand from major blenders for CTC and Dust grades, while the Middle East and CIS countries are still active for Orthodox. Auction averages were lower than Sale 4 but higher than or similar to Sale 5 in 2022. Guwahati was similar to the previous week, with volumes on sale slightly lower. 

North India Sale 5 vs. Sale 4

In the south, Cochin saw good demand for Dust grades and CTC leaf, but prices were similar to Sale 4, with AV Thomas the top buyer. Coonoor also saw high demand for Dust and Fanning grades, similar to the previous week.

South India, Sale 5 vs. Sale 4

Weather & Climate Change

Weather has been dry over Upper Assam, with cloudy weather and light rain predicted over parts of the state. Some rain is expected in Darjeeling as well. Kangra is seeing light rain or snow in places.
Source: India Meteorological Department

Toklai Tea Research Institute, Jorhat, India

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