• Unveiling the Origins of Assam Tea

    Assamica is one of five distinct tea populations
    Assamica is native to several Asian countries and was introduced in South America.

    Assamica is One of Five Distinct Genetic Tea Populations

    Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
    The Assamica specimen was collected in 1949 for Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.
    Assamica leaf
    Assamica leaf
    Camellia Sinensis Sinensis
    Camellia Sinensis Sinensis
    Sice-by-side comparison of Assamica and C. Sinensis Sinensis
    Side-by-side comparison
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  • Maritime Security Worsens in The Red Sea

    Maritime Security Worsens in Red Sea
    Disruptions due to the Red Sea crisis have extended tea delivery to the UK by 10-14 days

    UK Retailers Concerned About Tea Supply

    A spokesperson for Tetley told the BBC “At the moment it’s much tighter than we would like it to be but we’re pretty confident we can maintain supply levels. Our priority is to maintain our consistent high levels of service, based on ordered and forecasted demand. We believe we can continue to deliver this, but acknowledge that this is a critical period which requires our constant attention.’

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