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    Chinese Cold Brew Retail Concept
    A popular new Chinese cold brew tea retail concept
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    | As Temperatures Rise, Tea is Ideally Suited to Quench the World’s Thirst
    Consumers favor boldly flavored, non-sweetened blends
    | Kenya’s Costly Tea Crisis
    | The Tea Association of India Lists Industry Concerns

    Hear the Headlines
    Hear the Headlines | Seven-minute Tea News Recap

    Tea Biz traveled to Sri Lanka in May to speak with Romesh Walpola, CEO of Tea Smallholder Factories, at his offices in Colombo. Walpola later arranged a visit to the Neluwa Madagama Tea Factory, one of the company’s seven bought-leaf factories. Combined, these factories produce three million kilos of black tea a year. Walpola explains that investing in training, wellness, and educational programs, including internships for second-generation farmers, earns the loyalty of thousands of small tea growers and is one reason why the company’s teas get top dollar at auction.

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    Romesh Walpola, CEO, Tea Smallholder Factories

    Cold Brew is Steaming Ahead

    Globally as temperatures rise, thirst-quenching iced and cold-brewed teas are experiencing a boost in demand. The global market for cold-brewed teas, estimated at $215 million in 2020, is small but fast-growing, with cafes, on-tap, and ready-to-drink opportunities.

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