• India Audit Cites Tea Board’s Regulatory Shortfalls | China Tea Exports Decline

    India Audit Cites Regulatory Shortfalls of Tea Board: More than a third of tea smallholders were not registered by March 2021

    | China Tea Exports Decline | China Travel Restrictions Ease
    | Kenya Tea Production is Up, Exports are Down

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    UKTA Director Jennifer Wood and Jo Selman-Smith, a project manager with the UK Tea Academy who, in 2022, oversaw the launch of The Leafies, join Tea Biz this week to discuss the academy’s international judging of tea in 12 categories with correspondent Dananjaya Silva. This year’s competition is open not only to farmers and suppliers but also to tea retailers worldwide. The deadline for entries to arrive in Scotland is Sept 18.

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    UK Tea Academy’s Jennifer Wood and Jo Selman-Smith with Dananjaya Silva
    CAG Audit India Tea Board
    Cover of 176-page Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General on the Role of the Tea Board in the Development of Tea in India

    Auditors Find Lapse in Factory Inspections, Unregistered Smallholders, Lack of Well-Defined Strategy

    By Dan Bolton

    A government audit of India’s Tea Board during the five years ending 2021 found numerous flaws in its regulatory mandate and a failure to address concerns raised a decade ago. Glaring omissions include the lack of a strategy to identify and register smallholders — a first step in supporting the tea industry’s financial well-being, development, productivity, and promotion in domestic and overseas markets. Small tea growers supply more than half of the tea grown in India.

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