Reviving Darjeeling

Selim Hill gets a second chance. Photo courtesy Dorje Tea. Brand Appeals to Domestic Consumers to
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3 responses to “Reviving Darjeeling”

  1. Wonderful thinking by motivated youngsters taking over the Prestigious Darjeeling tea to new heights I fully agree that we need to educate our Indian consumers to drink a nice healthy beverage which is not comparable to any Tea in the world. Best of luck.

  2. I think ,the issue with Darjeeling teas has been that 1) we have allowed markets to dictate to us. 2) Merchant exporters have milked Darjeeling teas at the expense of the manufacturers 3)We have never pursued a market for these within the country.
    It is nice to see youngsters taking these issues by the scruff of the neck and trying to address them.Kudos to them and wish them all the best in their endeavour.

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