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Harkirat Sidhu

Mechanical Tea Harvesting

Mechanical harvesting is required today because we cannot complete plucking rounds frequently enough by hand. We need mechanical harvesting in addition to hand plucking, not to replace hand plucking.

Food Inflation

Tea Biz Podcast | Episode 39

Tea News for the Week of Oct. 15 – Food Inflation and Tea | Tea Cargo Woes Worsen | COVID’s Impact on the North American Tea Market | PLUS The Popularity of Pu’er

Hiroshi Takatoh, CEO Teatis Tea

A Medicinal Tea from the Sea

Hiroshi Takatoh, CEO, founder, and blender at Japan-based Teatis Tea is exploring, with his team of food scientists and doctors, tea formulations to assist diabetics and pre-diabetics control their blood-sugar levels.


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