India Tea News: Tea Association of India calls for tea to be declared national drink | Tripura set to get first tea auction center

By Aravinda Anantharaman | Managing Editor

India Tea News for the week ending 26 Jan 2024

Tea Association of India calls for tea to be made the national drink

At the 36th general meeting of the Assam branch of the TAI, the Chairman, UK Singh, reiterated the sustainability concerns of the Indian tea industry. The association called for an aggressive marketing campaign and declared tea as the national drink to support the industry. It discussed the need for “short-term supply restrictions and long-term demand creation.” Growers batted for a Minimum Support Price to support livelihoods. Ruhul Amin, Assistant High Commissioner, Bangladesh was the Chief Guest and Indo-Bangladesh trade challenges were also discussed. The Shillong Times

Tripura to get auction center

The northeastern state of Tripura is all set to get its auction center soon. The state borders Assam and has 60 tea estates that produce 9,000,000 kilos of tea annually. Currently, the tea is sold via Guwahati and Kolkata auction centers. Tea is a major cash crop for the state, and producers have been seeking an auction center for some time now. They have also sought for access to the Sreemangal auction centre in neighbouring Bangladesh.

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