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Andrew Chau

Boba as a Gateway to Tea

“People sometimes say boba is a fad. I’m like, well, how is it a fad if two billion people drink milk tea, or have tapioca every day?” asks Boba Guys CEO Andrew Chau. Chau explains how relentless attention to quality elevated a simple mix of milk tea and tapioca to a $3 billion global segment that is enticing a generation of non-tea drinkers to give tea a try.

Rajiv Lochan

The Rise of India’s New Tea Lands

India no longer requires permits to grow tea, a policy decision likely to open many new tea-growing regions. Grower Rajiv Lochan foresaw that change and began acquiring land along the Doke River in Bihar beginning in 1998. His marketing mastery and tireless promotion since then has literally put Bihar on the official map of India’s tea-growing regions.

Ian Gibbs, Chairman of the International Tea Committee

Q|A Ian Gibbs

International Tea Committee Chairman Ian Gibbs describes the immediate and potentially long-term impacts on the global tea trade stemming from the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.