The Chinese Black Tea Collection – a Special Offer

by Cloud Nine Teas – 2 years ago

10e91845-9c37-314c-91fc-4b1b886da050.jpegWith the Cloud Nine Teas Black Tea Collection, you get 3 x 30 gram packs of outstanding loose leaf black tea from three different parts of China, each with their own flavor profile.

  • Lincang Old Arbour: Its flavors recall wood smoke and chocolate
  • Fruity Lapsang: a beautifully sweet tea – a new afternoon go-to!
  • Whole Leaf Black: a well-balanced black tea for any occasion

Each of these teas is also available separately in larger packs. Or explore our full collection of specialty black, white, oolong and green teas and tea wares, curated and packaged with love in Melbourne, Australia.

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