Spirit of Tea with Tea Master Sonam Lama

by Nepal Tea – 8 months ago

9851a4a1-0418-3913-a3ad-86165cd229de.jpegJoin us for a 60 minute spiritual tea tasting of White Mandala with Sonam Lama! 

The Spirit of Tea is a session on mindfulness. So often in the speed of life, one forgets to acknowledge the things that bring us deep and great joy. In this session, Sonam Lama invites you to experience tea not just as a beverage but as a language. 

Drawing from classical wisdom and practice of quietude, integrity, and simplicity Sonam allows for silence to settle in the room. Through storytelling, participants are encouraged to sit with the tea and consequently with themselves. The waiting allows for cultivation within the mind and body of insights that truly matter.

We’re bringing Sonam Lama, the producer of White Mandala, to talk about his art and storytelling in creating unique flavors and aromas from tea leaves. Start your day on February 26, 2023 10:30 AM EST exploring and expanding your tea experience.

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