Friday Roundtable: Ready for the Weekend?

Here in the U.S., many of us are heading into Columbus Day weekend. It has me thinking about how our tea drinking habits change from day to day. During the week, if you work in an office, your tea preparation facilities may be limited (or you have developed some innovative systems which we’ll have to talk about another day.) As you approach longer days at home, you may be looking forward to making use of teaware that is part of your home routine.

Of course, given that many of you are in the tea business, you may be heading into a weekend that will be busy with vacationers, tourists, and people with some extra time (and hopefully money) to spend heading into your shop.

I know that my tea drinking becomes far less utilitarian once I reach the weekend. I have some extra hands around the house to help with the kids and fewer activities to be rushing kids to. I take the opportunity to bring out the yixing and enjoy the beauty of the many, many infusions of a good oolong.

How does YOUR tea drinking routine change between the week and the weekend?