Internacional Dia del Té

International Tea Day Argentina

Argentina’s Jornada Dia Internacional del Té


The State of Misiones, in cooperation with the government of Argentina and local tea firms, will host a virtual tea conference on Friday, May 21 from 8:30 am until 2 pm (UTC-03:00). The meeting is hosted here (webex). Attendance is free.

The half-day working conference is divided into two blocks, the first addresses tea in the domestic market with sessions on sustainable production, technology and local markets. The second block is a discussion of tea exports and trends in international markets.

Speakers include Octavio Ingaramo, director of INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology); Carolina Okulovich, owner of The Tea Route, a tea retailer and producer. Okulovich is the daughter of the largest tea producer in Argentina and president of the Center for Tea Makers.

Patricia Parra worked for the national Agricultural Ministry specializing in tea production. Luciana Imbrogno is Secretary to the Agricultural Minister. Helmuth Kunmritz is an engineer and independent tea producer. Lic. Emiliano Lysiak works at INTA Misiones, the state institute conducting tea research in Misiones. Edson Teramoto is an agricultural certification coordinator.

Horacio Bustos is founder of Gyokuro Circulo Argentino del Té and John Smagula, Assistant Dean, Graduate & International Programs; Associate Professor, China Rule-of-Law Program at Temple University. Dan Bolton is publisher of Tea Journey Magazine and host of the weekly Tea Biz podcast.


  • 8.45 hs. | Articulacion Institucional
  • 9.30 hs. | Nuevos Mercados y Exportaciones
  • 10.10 hs. | Produccion Sostenible del Te
  • 11.20 hs. | Tendencias
  • 12.30 hs. | Conclusiones y cierre

Join by video: Dial or dial You can also dial and enter meeting number 173 789 6796 (attendance is free)

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