Nomad Tea Festival

Led by tea enthusiasts in Europe, the Nomad Tea Festival is an ambitious virtual event that brings together a diverse, talented, and very tech-savvy cadre of tea experts, educators, entertainers, and vendors.

Inclusive Tea Community Building — Virtually

Organizers of the Nomad Tea Festival this weekend are joyfully building on a gathering in July that attracted more than 550 tea lovers from 59 countries. Lead by tea enthusiasts in Europe, this more ambitious two-day virtual event brings together a diverse, talented, and very tech-savvy cadre of tea experts, educators, entertainers, and vendors.

A 16-hour pre-show begins at midnight Friday, Oct. 23 (Central European Summer (Daylight Savings) Time – UTC+2). On Saturday, Oct. 24, the festival launches its live programming at 4 p.m. (CEST) and runs until midnight. The festival offers 15 free workshops and several paid events. Sunday marks the change from daylight savings to standard time, turning back the clock. On Sunday festival activities begin at 2 p.m. (CET). The festival ends at 10 p.m.

Use World Time Buddy (free) to determine start times in your time zone. (The schedule on the Nomad Festival page will magically convert time zones when you register. Since Tea Biz circulates to readers in 140 nations, to keep listings simple all times in this post are CEST or CET).

Watch a mix of free and paid programming, chat with fellow tea lovers globally, visit virtual tea booths to speak with vendors during appointed hours and stick around for the PARTEAS on Saturday and Sunday. Attendees in anticipation of the event pre-recorded short videos to introduce themselves during the opening-night party and describe their love of tea.

Our mission is to build an inclusive tea community by connecting, engaging, and uplifting the diverse tea communities of the world.

Nomad Tea Festival

Click here for TEAkets. General admission is €5.00
General admission + replay is €15.00
TEAkets to attend paid workshops range from €20-55.00
Attending PARTEAS and visiting the Tea Market is free.
Tea Market Vendors click here. RSVP for one of three PARTEAS here.

Learn more: YouTube channel | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Xenia Blanco and Soo Chung are co-directors of the Nomad Tea Festival Europe, coordinating a global TEAm inspired to re-connect the many millions of tea lovers separated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So many tea events had to announce heartbreaking cancellations, affecting thousands of people from small tea farmers to tea passionate fans,” said Blanco. Events that bring the tea community together are more than simple entertainment, she explains. The festival was created to enhance the overall ecosystem for the global tea community. Virtual events reduce unnecessary cost and waste and bureaucracy. The Nomad Tea Festival is transparent, appeals to tea lovers around the world via a broad range of social media and digital channels and creates opportunities for people interested in tea, she says

Here is the two-day schedule:

Oct 24 4:15PM–4:45PM · Stage
Japan, More Than Green Tea │ Priscila Vázquez Ruilova
Oct 24 5:00PM–5:45PM · Stage
Tea Cocktails│ Susanne Lang
Oct 24 6:00PM–7:00PM · Stage
Indian Tea – History & Pairing │ Susmita Das Gupta
Oct 24 7:15PM–8:00PM · Stage
Japanese Tea Ceremony, Omotesenke │ Alba Ameller
Oct 24 8:15PM-9:00PM
Tea Book Club Tea Partea | Teabookclub
Oct 24 9:00PM–10:00PM · Sessions
PAID: The Tea Journey to Nomad Cultures Through Tea Horse Trade Route
Oct 24 9:00PM–10:00PM · Stage
Getting to Know Your Bes-Teas │ Mike Cuevas
Oct 24 10:00PM–10:45PM · Stage
Introduction to Sencha │ Ricardo Caicedo
Oct 24 11:00PM–12:00AM · Stage
Midnight Tea Party │ Kyle Whittington (Tea Book Club)

Oct 25 2:15PM–3:00PM · Stage
Evolution of Tea Drinking History │ Isilay Aktas
Oct 25 3:00PM–4:00PM · Stage
How to Source Tea │ Matt Hopkins
Oct 25 4:00PM–5:00PM · Stage
The Most Boring Tea Business Talk Ever │ Ian Chun
Oct 25 5:15PM–6:00PM · Stage
Japanese Tea in Japan and Europe│ Simona Zavadckyte & Anna Poian
Oct 25 6:00PM–7:00PM · Sessions
PAID: Old Trees in China │ Michal Butor
Oct 25 7:00PM–7:45PM · Stage
Heat Sources and Kettles for Tea │ Admar de Bruin
Oct 25 7:45PM–7:55PM · Stage
Music for Tea │ Kuzma Bogdanov
Oct 25 8:00PM–9:15PM · Sessions
Yoga Explorations With Ma (間) │ Moé Kishida
Oct 25 9:00PM–10:00PM · Stage
Finale Tea Partea │ Soo Chung & Xenia Blanco

Thirsty for more: Soo Chung is hosting the Nomad Tea Festival – Korea in December 2020.

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